Friday, August 19, 2016

August continues.........

 Howdy all you quilting enthusiasts out there!

This summer has flown by, but, August continues.
I am quite surprised by this.
I did a lot of my flying in the beginning of this month so I could have a large chunk of time off to get
some things done around the Quilt Cave, and they are actually getting done!

Here are a few photos of the quilty things that have taken place around here.

It seems like all of my blogging friends are going through scraps these days!
Just scroll through the blogs I read to find out!
Myself included, of course, this is one of my favorite things to do besides sew them together!
If quilting were an Olympic sport, I definitely would get a gold medal in scrap organization!

Some readers and friends have asked what I will save from a bag of scraps that is 
given to me?  Well, I will save down to 1.5" squares.  Anything smaller is
allocated my crumb bins, or to dog beds  Pictured above are irregular strips from scrap pulls 
that I am going to use my AccuQuilt Studio die cutter on.

As you can see in this photo, this strip is alllllllmmmmmmmooooooooost 1.5" wide.
It's a little wonky on one side.

My AccuQuilt Studio can breeze through scraps like this and I can 
get a lot of nice accurately cut strips.

These are all 2.5" strips of patriotic scraps from various scrap bags I have pulled.
Together, they will become a beautiful quilt for a veteran!

They will go into quilts like Bonnie's Scrappy Trips pattern.
My friend Bev came over to have a sew day with me and use these strips I pulled.
She is in the process of making several of these for veterans.

And you all know how much I love looking through older magazines.
Here is a very easy pattern that can use these strips.
I love being able to use up every last inch of fabric that I can!

Our Scrap Club at O'Sewpersonal in O'Fallon, Missouri continues to grow.
I am so very proud of this group of quilters.
Many of them are scrap enthusiasts, but, some are not.
Some are new quilters, some are quilters that use all yardage to make quilts.
We have all been growing and learning from each other.
We have enough students now to have 2 different classes, and I couldn't be happier about it.
Call the shop if you are interested in joining us!

Students have been sharing what they are creating along the way.
Here, Chris shares the story about her grandmother's lovely antique quilt on the left.
Chris now has the confidence to take a quilt like this, and interpret it in her own modern way.
You can see her progress on the design wall.

Did I mention how proud I am of these quilters?????

And here is proof of my ladies labors.........literally!
I get a few more eggs each day from the chickens.
This is so exciting to be able to enjoy fresh eggs again.
The little egg on the bottom right is the first egg from my
little bantam hen, Henny Penny.
I wish you were all here to try these delicious "cackleberries!"
That's what my dad calls them.......think about it......LOLOLOLOL

In closing, I want to continue to urge you all to go through your scraps and use them.
Don't let them languish away in a bin, closet, or drawer.  You could be making not only a beautiful quilt for someone, but, you could be making a difference in the recipient, not to mention yourself!

Enjoy these last days of Summer!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. When I cut usable fabric from scraps, it makes me feel alright with the world. I bought a Studio cutter, but I need more dies.

  2. Actually I've been using my scraps!!! Yea me. Thanks to temeca quilt co.

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  4. Happy last of August and Summer. I love your use of every last scrap of fabric. Great group of quilters you are gathering. Embracing Sewing Bliss...

  5. Ah, love me my scraps! I cut all mine by hand though. I like the idea of BH's scrappy trip - that bag of strings.

  6. Thank you for blogging I really enjoy reading each of your posts. Me well I am making scrape sat the moment busy making fabric suitcases 11x15x6 for my grandchildren to carry around their treasures and a few sewing related necessities for me a sew together bag and a project bag/tote next is a bionic gear bag... Then scrap clean up and cut/sort/use
    My son and his oldest daughter (15) are making a king sized quilt he designed
    I had him make a few changes as drawing a design doesn't always make for fabric pieces that can be cut and sewn accurately
    So now it's more like a trip around the world.
    He and she have learned 1/2 square triangles sewing trimming
    They have decided not to sew same fabric scraps together to cut out the size pieces they need (she says no I don't want extra seams)
    He has checked out long arm quilting and found if you are making a king size bed quilt you need to ask the long arm quilted what size is their maximum.
    He is learning the quilting is an added expense
    He is needing more of one fabric (a batik) that out quilt shop is out of (no idea of maker etc) has looked at 2 shops
    They and I and the ladies at the quilt shop are enjoying the journey
    Again thank you for your blog for each 100 or so people who read and enjoy it only 1 writes a comment, and that's as it should be you not be bogged down reading comments you have real work and play and family and sewing to do

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I love your story about your son and granddaughter creating a quilt together! And, thank Goodness they have you there to help guide them!

  7. Ohhhh I grew up always referring to eggs as cackleberries hahahahaah first time Ive heard it in years. How wonderful to have so many ladies joining the group. I love scraps I keep calling them the quiet achievers :)

  8. Funny you should mention scraps. Just went through my 1-1/2"" bin and sorted into color families. All that is left to tackle is the 2" bin.

  9. Hooray!! for fresh eggs AND neatly organized scraps. :o))

  10. I made my first T.A.W.blocks last year - all sewn together and waiting to be finished. I've been thinking of making one in Red White Blue - it's on my 'to do' list. I love the 2 you and Bev made - very patriotic. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  11. "Hi, my name is Connie and I am a scrap horder...." ("hi, Connie...")
    I just finished going through a trash bag of 'scraps' from a fellow quilter...there were 1/4 yards of batiks in there!! SCORE! I use the Bonnie Hunter method of scraps like Kevin does (down to 1.5") and others go to my crumbs box and dog/cat beds. I LOVE being able to utilize all that fabric into usable stuff! But I have a loooong way to go with other bags of horded scraps....a little at a time! Thanks for your inspiration, Kevin!

    1. Thanks for your testimony Uptown Connie! LOL As far as those other scraps are concerned...."GIT'R'DONE!!!" LOL

  12. Looking good!!!! I love all the cut up scraps ready to go!!

  13. My Dad referred to eggs as cackleberries. He passed away 20 years ago. Thanks for a wonderful memory.

  14. Sounds like you are busy, busy Kevin! I love working with my scraps too and my AccuQuilt cutter. Our neighbor has some chickens and we get a few fresh eggs from him.....they are delicious aren't they!

  15. Yum! Yum! Yum! Loving your scraps my friend and the fun blocks you are making with them! Those reds, whites, and blues are so vibrant together. How did we ever manage without our cutting machines? Especially on those Bonnie-type quilts, right? I was cutting up scraps into strips for Talkin Turkey just last week. Your little chickens are obviously happy with their version of the Taj Mahal that you've built them - that's quite an egg haul they've given to reward you! (That tiny egg is just too cute!). And BLUE eggs - be still my heart!!!!!

  16. Cackleberries - I love it! Your father must be a hoot! I like a lot of color and rarely make "soft" colored quilts, but I think your eggs are begging for an egg colored quilt. Look at your variety. Good job girls!

  17. Those eggs look delicious! Your ladies are quite productive!!! And of course I just love your scrap system!
    You ROCK!!

  18. Glad the you've gotten a chunk of time to play with fabric and just be home a bit. This is the year of the graduation quilt and unfortunately none of those are going to be scrap quilts, though I am using up some stash yardage getting those done. Likes like you've got a great bunch of quilters to hang out with.

  19. I would finish last as far as quilt scrap organization! I just toss mine into a bin until it is full and then start another bin. I guess you could say mine are organized in 5 year increments!

  20. I love the blocks you and Bev have started on. Those will be gorgeous quilts for a deserving veteran. May have to bookmark this for future ideas since my memory can't be trusted to remember them all when I need one. Your chick ladies are doing a beautiful job on their eggs. They seem to be bigger than before and definitely more colorful. Keep it up ladies. I love your dad's name for the eggs. Too funny.

  21. I have SO many scraps AND I have an Accuquilt.....I just need some time. This just might get me motivated. Maybe I need to have a friend come over and hang out with me :)

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