Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labor"ing" Day(s).........

from the Quilt Cave!!!!!!!

This Labor Day weekend in the United States will be filled with many people having a last big hurrah with Summer...........the end of wearing white for all of you old school fashionistas (myself included), and watching that famous telethon that is on every know the one!

As for me and the Quilt Cave..........we have been laboring, and WILL BE laboring for many days to come!

How about some updates?

Here is my first promotional head shot.
How do you like it?
Many quilt guilds ask for a promo flyer
with head shot for their informational e-mails
to guild members.  Hopefully this one will work for me?
This preliminary pic is compliments of 
a longtime photog friend of mine that I used to work with.

Hmmm.....what is happening here?????
(Please ignore the hideous carpet!!!!!)

A HUGE design wall coming to life!
Thanks to my friend Joe for all of the help on this one!
Wait until you all see the completed project!
I am beyond pleased with it!

An outdoor space to spend the mornings and afternoons!
Thanks to a very dear friend for sharing some unwanted furniture!

Another outdoor seating area on the upper deck!
Thanks again to said dear friend!

Do any of you have a magazine holder like this?
She works perfectly, warding off squirrels, rabbits, and
anything else that moves!

 I helped my uncle go through some items in storage a week or so ago.
He was so appreciative he gave me my aunt's sewing basket on left.
He also gave me his mother in law's sewing basket on right,
along with "America's Glorious Quilts" which he thought I may be 
interested in?  OF COURSE I am interested in it!
It's a great book if you have never looked through it?

And look what I found inside those baskets?!?!?!
Among many other things of course, were
these vintage mid-century promotional needles.
I wish companies still did neat things like this!

And, this is a top!
All half-square-triangles with a few squares.
No pattern, just an idea from a quilt I saw.
I love making 2 color quilts, because ANYTHING
in those 2 colors
 can be used!
This is for a friend of mine and his family who was relentless in asking
me to make a quilt for them.

And finally, here is some eye candy from one of 
our show and share events at
Scrap Club!

I just love seeing these antique quilts the participants
bring in.  It is like seeing a part of their family history.
This quilt is BEGGING me to recreate it!

Look at this one!
Half-square-triangles made into pinwheels
via a 9 patch setting!

Here is a closer look!
When I see an antique quilt such as this, my mind starts imagining;

Who made this?
Who did the quilter make it for?
Where did they get this pattern?
Where did the fabrics come from?
Did the quilter design it on their own?
Did they see a quilt like it somewhere?
When did they find the time to make it?

So many questions, and many times, the questions can't be answered.

Helen is an amazing quilter.  She is really quick at gettin'r'done too!
She is showing some of her month of year blocks done with
scraps here.  These are just beautiful!

I couldn't be more proud of this beginning quilter!
She shared with us she has been collecting fabrics since the 80s
at yard sales and thrift stores.
She is putting it to use now as she is retired!

And I couldn't be more proud of this quilter!
Although she has sewn throughout her life, she is
recently exploring quilting as a creative outlet.
After the first meeting this session, I was afraid she 
wasn't going to come back, but, she did!
Here she is showing the amazing log cabin quilt top she has made!

I always want to encourage quilting creativity.........
never do I want to discourage it.

Hopefully, this blog is a place for you to be encouraged, and inspired!

Thanks for all of YOUR encouragement!
Thanks for all of your comments!
Until next time,
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Kevin So glad to hear from you, I love the blue and brown quilt. And the 9-patch pinwheels
    I have just made a 16-patch quilt using up my "leader/enders" Bonnie Hunter style :-)

  2. Boy, you're really famous now, having head shots done;) I knew you back when.... Enjoy your new outdoor furniture. I love old needle packets. They are such fun!

  3. Where to begin? Loved this whole post and catch-up on what you've been up to. The head shot is perfect. Will you be sporting the "summer haircut" into the fall/winter? You look great. Beautiful quilt you made for your friend! Your quilty friends have much to be proud of! Love your live book rest too. Now if she would be able to balance a cold drink on her head, that'd really be something, LOL. What great sitting spaces you've created with your new-to-you furniture. Or it might be a napping space...just add a quilt for those soon-to-come cooler days!

  4. Your outdoor spaces look SEW inviting and I absolutely LOVE that quilt you are making for your friend!!

  5. Great photo Kevin!!! Hopefully they will take one look, decide you're not a serial killer in disguise, and hire you on the spot :*). I do have a book holder like that - actually it is impossible for me to look at a book anymore without Rocky on my lap LOL! LOVE that blue/brown HST quilt! And that is some awesome design board you've got goin up there!

  6. No design wall can ever be big enough! Once you get projects up there, it gets crowded. Congratulations on getting it done. Love the scrappy quilts. Great furniture, looks like a cozy place!

  7. I think it is a fantastic photo, Kevin. My book holders are actually - let's hold it down tight by laying on the top of it. Can't go wront with HSTs or log cabins - LOVE the vintage quilts!!

  8. Really like your brown/teal HST quilt for your friends. They will love it. And your "famous" magazine holder. I wonder if you don't have matching bookends too?LOL You should be very proud of your newbie quilters who came up with such great log cabin quilts. I think they may be hooked. And your outside furniture looks great and comfortable. Will test it out later this month. Can't wait to see what you will be putting up on your design wall. You will still need a design "floor" too because I know you have more started than will fit on the wall!!

  9. Hello from the Czech Republic. This nice needles in the paper basket from your photo are still in the shops here. Black to the roots :). Věra

  10. Adorable photo Kevin! I am loving your sweet book holder. Nothing could be sweeter! Loving your design wall. I can hardly wait to see it filled with your projects.

  11. Well havent you been busy, a little photo shoot ;) and work on the Quilters Cave, love the outdoor furniture, I would be putting the sewing basket goodies in a shadow box, would look great on the wall and serve as inspiration :) Gosh the ladies have been super busy and love the two coloured quilt for your friend, now do keep in mind if you ever become short on friends to sew for sing out ahahahhaah Encouraging and inspiring, words for everyday :)

  12. Lots of eye candy in this newsy post, especially the sewing collectibles.

  13. Loved every photo and each one has it's own story - it's like reading a book :) Love your head-shot, the quilts, the people - your life and home seem to be in such harmony at the moment, and may it well long continue. Happy Labor Day Kevin :)

  14. The head shot is very nice. Well lit and all. Love that you are encouraging new and old quilters. Wish the shop was closer to me because I sure would be there in your scrap club. Yeay for new furniture and thanks for old friends. I have a couple of magazine holders as well, but they are of the feline variety.

  15. Hello Kevin and what a great photo from you !
    You've got a terrific design wall....wouaaahhhh ! I want the same in my happy place ! :)
    Your top is beautiful and i always said that all the colors match with Brown (except purple but I don't like it !)....happy Labor Day !

  16. Great promo photo, I hope you get lots of guild bookings. Your design wall looks awesome - I'm sure you'll enjoy using it.
    Since you're into Quilts of Valor, check this out:

  17. Helllloooooooooo!!! I will also be laboring this Labor Day in my studio - it needs tidying but I'm going to stitch instead. Love the head shot! Can't wait to see the finished design wall. The outdoor spots look so peaceful and inviting. The sewing baskets are an amazing gift - a true blast from the past. Thanks for sharing the quilt pics - old & new!

  18. Those baskets are a wonderful slice of history. One would be a real treat but three are just a treasure!

  19. Kevin, I love your outdoor living space. Sounds like you have wonderful friends! Photographers! Carpenters! Design professionals!! Quilters!!
    Love the photo shoot!!
    Disappointed you're not flying into SJ on Wednesday. When is the next trip???
    ps: LOVE the antique pink 9-patch!

  20. Great "head shot" pic! Can't wait to see what that wall will be!

  21. First of all, I love the "head shot". It really shows the smile you are best known for! So happy to see that design wall going up. You will put that to good use in an instant! Thanks for the great photos of your quilting friends and for sharing your enthusiasm and pride in their work. And, I don't know where you found such a cute magazine holder, but I think I want one! Have a great day!

  22. I'm a bit late to the party this week, life sometimes gets in the way of my blog reading. Very fun recycled seating areas. Hope you are getting some time to enjoy them as the year turns to autumn, one of the best times to sit outside. Love your HST quilt. Working without a pattern can be both fun and frustrating, your effort turned out beautifully. Beautiful and creative people in your guild. Happy stitching and safe travels this month.

  23. Wow! You have been busy! And what a treasure to receive those sewing baskets! Love your HST quilt! I have a plan to make a HUGE one for myself one of these days! So many projects, so little time :) Your design wall is amazing!

  24. I find that the vintage hand stitching needles are so much better than the ones you can buy now. Those are a treasure!

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