Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You gotta have friends..........




Lend me your ears...................
This is not going to be a lesson in English Literature..........

But, I am gonna talk about my friends a little.......

How many song references are there about friends............

Bette Midler Sings about them.....

The Beatles sang about them......

And, Michael W. Smith sang one of my favorite songs about friends......

What am I getting at here folks?
Well, I am just blessed to have met a lot of friends 
along my quilting journey.
I would like to share a few with you in this post.

 Although she would disagree with me....
this is NOT her best side!
This is my friend Dar of 
Dar's Patchwork Garden helping me with my new design wall.

I can't thank her enough for all of her help with this!

She was the first person to get me involved with
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.
She was tireless in helping me to get 
all of the blocks sewn into tops
 from the very successful QOV block drive
I held on my blog 2 years ago.

Dar has recently teamed up with 
who designed a very eye catching block to create
a Quilt of Valor quilt.

I am very pleased to be able to share this with all of my friends here, 
and ask you all to share with your friends as well!

Once again, this is my friend Dar's block drive for 
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.
She is holding this in conjunction with my friend
Alycia of Alycia Quilts in Colorado.

HERE is the LINK to Dar's block drive for QOV, Eastern Missouri.

HERE is the LINK to Alycia's block drive for QOV Colorado.

And HERE is the LINK to the tutorial on how to make the block
by Jan.
It is a very cool block, that makes an even cooler quilt!
I will let you all go visit these links to find out for yourself.
You KNOW I am gonna join in on the fun myself, and 
I encourage you all to do the same!
It is so important to our U.S. Veterans!
Make some for both of these gals who do such good work for 
Quilts of Valor!

In other news...............about friends.............

This past week I was able to visit
with some of my friends from the Perky Piecers group I belong to.
We had a blast!

You never know who you will see there in Hamilton, Missouri.....
check out the bottom left hand corner of this photo!

And this guy..........whatta good friend he has been to me over the years!
Valentino decided he needed to inspect some of my sewing the other day.
I guesstimate his age to be at least 14, if not older as I rescued him from a shelter
when he was around 2 years old.
He is beginning to show some signs of aging, and is also diabetic.
He receives 2 insulin shots daily, and 1 shot as needed for his 
arthritis.  He sure is a true friend indeed!

I was able to make some new friends at the 
in O'Fallon, Illinois recently.
What a wonderful group of friendly and talented quilters!
Thanks for letting me share my story with you all!

Of course, Huffman's Hotties were in the house!
What a fun group of hotties these were!

It was great having my friend 
to be one of my hotties at the meeting!
Check out her blog to see her latest amazing work!

Thank you for being a friend!

Thanks to all of my friends for various things:
donating fabric/scraps
helping with block drives
donating furniture
helping build things around the new house
photographing for me
magazine holder, protectors, companions
purrs, snuggles
travelling companions
and hotties


Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I printed out the instructions, back when Dar first mentioned the block, but, I just haven't had time to make any blocks yet (crazy busy life going on right now). It is a great block. If I can't make blocks to send to Dar, then, maybe I can make a whole Quilts of Valor quilt with the idea.

  2. Friends are important and well made thru this journey called 'guilting'. We had our first guild meeting last night after our Summer break - so nice to see everyone again and meet some new members as well.

  3. You have friends spread around the globe!! Must be because you are such a great guy who gives of his time and talent to so many, with the best smile around!!! Thanks for sharing this new drive for QoV...the pattern is fabulous!!!!!

  4. The whole time I was reading I kept humming the theme song from the Golden Girls, thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again....Your design wall is looking great, and what great way to spend time with your friends visiting Hamilton :)

  5. As usual, I love to read your post because it's sooo fun !
    Yes, it's cool to have friends....Dar has done beautiful quilts and she knitted socks too ! Wow she's very talented !
    Your design wall is going to be wonderful and I'm jaleous....I want the same in my happy place ! :)

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, Kevin. I hope we generate lots of blocks for Quilts of Valor. Thanks for all you do!

  7. All I can say is, my Nana was right, "You get what you give in this world". You have great friends because you are a great friend. Thanks for sharing the photos. I will be mailing some Veteran's blocks out next week.

  8. Kevin, thanks for being MY dear friend too. Also, thank you SO MUCH for getting the word out about the QOV Block drive. I'm sure we will get bunches with such a great cheerleader helping spread the word. I almost didn't recognize that "good side" of me since I don't see it from that perspective! lol Looks like you had a beautiful day at Hamilton. We went last week too and had a great time with 44 crazy ladies. Good thing you went before us because I think we bought out most of the shops!! Thanks again for being my friend and supporting me in all my crazy endeavors.

  9. Kevin, What a great, sweet post. It is wonderful to see all your wonderful friends! You are yourself a great friend. One of the best things about dear friends is that you can ALWAYS count on them being your friend, no matter! They don't stab you in the back and they love you unconditionally. Oh, and your cat is the same!

  10. It was wonderful to meet you Tuesday night, Kevin. I remembered hearing about you on Bonnie Hunter's blog. Loved your talk & your quilts. You are SO INSPIRATIONAL & FUNNY!!!!! I told my Cleveland OH girlfriend all about you Wednesday when I talked to her on the phone. Your sense of color is amazing. Your sense of purpose is amazing. Your sense of humor is amazing. Thank you again for sharing YOU with our guild!!!!

  11. It takes a village to keep a Kevin quilting!! :o))

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