Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy Hearts for various reasons.......

So much to tell!

So much to share!

And all with a happy heart!

It was a super duper busy week with flying, and a lecture/trunk show!

I received an invitation to share with the Happy Hearts Quilt Guild in Salem, Illinois.
This invitation all happened because I met Tere at Bonnie Hunter's workshop and lecture in
St. Louis last fall.  What a warm and inviting group of artists I encountered with this guild.  Shout out to the entire guild!  They are also having their annual quilt show next week.  Please visit their website for further information.

After my trunk show I was presented these 2 Quilts of Valor
made by the guild.  These will be awarded through 
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.
Thank you all so much on behalf of the Veterans that will receive them!
Happy Hearts for everyone, veterans included!

You KNOW Huffman's Hotties made an appearance here!
Some even pirouetted across the front of the room!

Thanks again, and again for letting me share with you all!

Just to show that Bonnie Hunter has influence EVERYWHERE!
Here is Tere's Allietare mystery quilt.
Tere on left.

And, Tumalo Trail, the same pattern my friend Bev made
for my housewarming quilt!
Such a great scrappy quilt!

After the guild meeting, Tere took me around to several Antique
shops in the area, and we had so much fun!
I think I may have reintroduced Tere to new adventures in antique shopping!
My most sincere apologies to her husband! LOLOLOL

Come along and see some of the goodies we found!

VERY interesting!
I think this is an earlier quilt top finished with vintage fabrics.
The navy stars are mostly one fabric, and all of the backgrounds
add highlights and low lights.
The quilt is tied, and I am not sure why the border was chosen,
nor do I understand why the back was chosen, but,.....
it is so wrong, it's right!

Look how the quilt maker had a "make it work" moment
by piecing together some of the background fabrics.
I am currently piecing together some fabric like this 
to make a quilt work too!
Makes my heart happy!

 One of these things is not like the other!
Upper left corner!
And, some of the backgrounds have been pieced from
different fabrics.
My guess is the backing is a sheet and has
been turned to the front
for binding.
So interesting, and raises so many questions!

Everything old is new again!
Another interesting choice of fabrics!
It would be so interesting to remake this with modern fabrics.
However, this quilt could pass for modern as is!

Here is a pretty little quilt for a girl I would guess.
So soft and feminine.

The applique on this quilt is really very nice!
As you can see, it has been used a LOT!
The binding is virtually coming off.
Look at the lower left corner......another make it work moment!

Browsing antique malls for quilting goodies with a newfound friend
gives me a very happy heart!
Thanks again for everything Tere!

Earlier in my week while I was flying I was 
introduced to........

Lelah Mae Ricketts

grandmother of one of my long time pageant pals Frank.

Here is Grandma Lelah and my friend Frank.

I always love being able to visit my friends on long layovers,
and I happened to have that opportunity this past week.
Frank and I go way back, and he is a very talented vocalist.

Before we left for dinner, Frank said he wanted to show 
me something he thought I may enjoy seeing........

Made by his loving grandmother!
I just couldn't wait to see them!

This bow tie quilt is made of Frank's childhood clothing.
We often see and hear of quilts made out of 
girls dresses, or men's shirts, but, this is the first 
quilt I have seen made out of boys shirts.
I love all of the blues, turquoise, and greens!!
Frank remembers wearing the cool!

This basket quilt is pretty traditional.
The handles are actually sewn down by machine though.
The quilt is tied, but,........

look at the backing!!!!!
It's another quilt all on it's own!
Crazy pieced to the nines!
You KNOW I love seeing things like this!
It definitely makes my heart happy!

Another cozy wool and polyester quilt made by Grandma Ricketts.

And, yet another example of Lelah's work.
Frank said he has spent many a cold winter's night under
this one.  It is backed with flannel and is super warm.
Can anyone name that block?
Please reply?

And the piece de resistance!
Look at this crazy pieced quilt!
Look at all of the work that was put into it!

A closer look reveals all of the different 
types of stitches on each piece of fabric!
Such an amazing piece of artwork!
I insisted that Frank must display this in his home now!
It is a stunning example of stitchery goodness!

Visiting with a good friend and seeing his family quilts
obviously made for a happy heart for me!

After I got home from flying, and was able to
check my mail, look what I received?
received my name in
Pin Cushion Swap!

There was the sweetest letter, a little round 
chicken pin cushion made out of a vintage
donut cutter that holds bobbins (super ingenious), a darning egg,
and that gorgeous little hen pin cushion in the center!
It made my heart very happy to open this up
after a very long, but, enjoyable week!
Thanks again Wendy!!!!!

And in other news, I am once again joining Lori
in her fall quilt along
Go check out the link to learn more.

With a happy heart,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. The mystery block could be crossed canoes. And the "donut cutter" could be a Jello mold. I have all of my Mom's old Jello molds and that is a great inspiration!

  2. Wonderful photos of the guild events and quilts. I get sad when I see quilts in antique or thrift shops - how did they lose their way from home? Fabulous crazy quilt that - yes- needs to be out for all to enjoy.

    I agree with Libby - crossed canoes for the block and the jello mold

  3. Love your friend's quilts. Those are all such beauties! It's good to see that he knows what he has. So many don't. Enjoy your stitching time this week.

  4. WOW, you are right to have a happy heart. There was so much to make it a fabulous week for sure. Love your little gifts from the pincushion swap. You'd better keep you eye on that sock darner -- I've been looking for one of those forever. Loved seeing all the vintage quilts.

  5. Where do I begin, you had a wonderful week, and it was so full of colour, friends and good times, perfect combination :) the crazy quilt is just stunning as are the others but I couldnt help but notice the art on the wall with the coloured center and purple background would make one heck of a stunning quilt using scraps, given I know very little about art so if its a well known painting/copy I do apologize hahahahaha :)

  6. The blue star quilt is interesting. I'm wondering if the blocks are older than the border and the backing. The border and backing look so 1970's, but the fabric in the blocks look older.

  7. Sounds like your job has once again proved to be a great enabler of quilt-related things!! What wonderful quilts Frank has!! And I loved your time with that guild.
    Wendy sent you a fabulous little pin cushion!! So perfect for you!!!
    Thanks again for participating!!!

  8. Wow, this is a full post! You've been a busy quilter. You are like a quilt magnet! How special that you got to see your friend's grandmother's quilts. What a wonderful quiltmaker. I think the name of the quilt pattern in question is "Periwinkle" or at least it is a variation of it. And, I am glad you like my little pin cushion(s). I hope the "girls" won't be offended if you stick pins in their backside!

  9. What a great week you had!! Love that your friend loves his quilts...I just hope my granddaughters love all my quilts that they will inherit! The "modern" quilt you found when antiquing...LOVE the borders!!! So much so that I will need to try that on a quilt!! Safe and happy travels, my friend!

  10. Wow ! You have full full full and busy weeks with your friends quilters !
    All the quilts are stunning and yes, I love the Crasy Quilt ...what a treasure for Franck !
    Wendy has made a wonderful pincushion for you and her little present are sooo sweet....
    For the name of the block, may be a variation of the "Rockingham's beauty" without the triangles !

  11. Look at me, not lurking! *LOL*
    You are one crazy busy quilter!
    My first impression of the mystery block was Crossed Canoes, but remembered that when I have made that one the center of the block is pieced. So I looked up the other names suggested here in Brackman's Encyclopedia and finally discovered several names by which this block is known--and the Carrie Hall Blocks book confirms them. You can choose from Priscilla (or The Priscilla), Amethyst, Star and Diamond, Diamond Star, Windmill Star, and World Without End. Sometimes it is one big block, as in the quilt you show, and sometimes it is shown as four smaller designs in one block. TMI, I know. Maybe it would be better for me to go back to lurking. : )
    I just cut out my blocks for Lori's SAL, too. Big surprise that I am doing it half size.

  12. The block is also called tipacanoe and Tyler too excuse my spelling

  13. A quilt show! What great quilts! Glad Frank cares about family quilts.

  14. Another great email with lots of photo's to look at and what a great show of those lovely quilts. How great to have a friend like Frank, that cares so much about his Granma's quilts. Thanks for sharing your life and friends :)

  15. omg wendy's package of chickeny goodness is so so fun!
    great post

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