Monday, October 24, 2016

A Week in the Life.......

Greetings from the Quilt Cave!

It was another week full of flying for work.

I was able to get a few things done with quilting though on my days off!

Come along and see...........

This photo sums up quite a bit of my sewing this week.
This is
for my friend Ann's mystery quilt.
I chose all shades of red for my background fabrics.
Yellow is my shocker fabric.
I can't wait to see what the next clue will hold!
In the upper right hand of the photo you can see
some of the triangles I have cut for 
my friend
My quilting group in Troy will be working on these next month.

Lot's of binding has been going on around here as well!
By the way, Veteran's Day is fast approaching......
why not make a Quilt of Valor for 
a Veteran in your life!

These quilts will be 
awarded through 
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri 
on November 1st.
I LOVE how busy and patriotic they look!

Lori's finale for Humble Quilts,
quilt along came out last friday!

See anything wrong with this block?


Flipping it over reveals this little quilt
truly is humble in nature.

I ALWAYS work from the bottom up,
using my smallest pieces of scraps that will work......
I like the feeling of using every last inch of a scrap!

Well, working with that philosophy resulted in some of 
this as well.
You don't see it?
Look closely..........2 different browns!

I actually love this......
To me.....
it is quilting just as our 
quilting ancestors would have!


Here is my "Quilters Madder" flimsy!
I really love the way it turned out.
I was educated in "madder" prints as well!
Thanks so much for the fun quilt along Lori!
I am considering adding some borders.
The inspiration quilt for this quilt along had some half square triangles
around the border.  I am thinking that may be what I need to do also!

I was also able to browse an antique mall this past week.....
By myself in a rather busy antique mall, 
I didn't have a lot of time to fiddle with
laying out the quilts perfectly.
My apologies in advance for the quilts being
a little wrinkled!

isn't this interesting?

The hand quilting on it was quite nice!
You could still see the pencil marks.

Here is an interesting use of  non quilting fabric!
This quilt was SOOOOO HEAVY!
I think it was a canvas type fabric, with
no batting used.
Very durable for a picnic!
If you want to have a picnic during Christmastime! LOL

And you know this quilt made my heart sing!
It was made out of  very slick fabrics.......
not sure of what type of fabric, definitely not true silk.
And the Baptist fan quilting added
so much texture!

How many of you are going to the 
this year?

I will be there Friday, November 4th
Saturday, November 5th!
If you see me.......
make sure to introduce yourself and visit with me!
I would love to meet you!

And, for those who are in the 
Metropolitan St. Louis area, 
don't forget I will be visiting with the 
Tuesday, October 25th at 7 PM!
I hope to see you there!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Look at you go - all your projects are great! We spent Sunday making QOV blocks too ;-)
    I really like those string ones - may have to start on something like that!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of accomplishment for someone who worked all week! Love that block for Quilts of Valor quilts. I will be using it a lot now. Thanks for sharing those antiques too. That first one is unusual. I have seen thousands of antique quilts and I have never seen that pattern. It is simple, yet it does have the set in seam which most people don't like to do. Maybe I'll try one...

  3. Such fun Quilts of Valor!
    Our quilting ancestors would be proud of your "make do" attitude, Kevin. I just did some of that myself on a little quilt.
    Your version of Quilters Madder looks really good. I was actually thinking of adding HST borders like the original, too. Maybe if I would get off the computer it would get done.
    You found some very interesting vintage quilts--got a chuckle out of your line about a picnic at Christmastime. : )

  4. I like your Quilters Madder top. I got some scraps given to me yesterday, and thought of you. Who knows, you may end up with them one day.

  5. Thanks for the reminder about the mystery. Lucky you keeping up - even with your busy schedule!! And mistakes? All I saw was a quilter making do (which is a VERY good thing in my book!)

  6. Love that pink antique quilt! Very different. Have fun at IQF. I know you will!

  7. You madder quilt turned out terrific! There is so much contrast, nice choices of fabric. Love it!

  8. I love that you use ALL the fabric bits and pieces. Your blocks are sew well done and your flimsy is gorgeous. I am so thankful for all of your diligence and hard work to create Amazing Quilts of Valor. Thank You and Blessings...

  9. Your Madder quilt is wonderful. Always love seeing the QOV quilts

  10. Love the way you use the smallest pieces of your fabric!!! You paid just as much per yard for them as you did the larger pieces, so you are getting your money's worth! Using close-but-not-exact fabrics reminds me of the quilts my great-grandmother made...when you run out, you make do!!! Definitely reminds me of the way Bonnie Hunter puts her quilts together!! So glad you are enjoying your Quilt much beauty coming out of the cave!!!

  11. I like how you pieced your Quilters Madder quilt top. That is a sign of a true scrap quilter in my book, and you know that I'm a scrapaholic from decades ago. Fun seeing those antique quilts too. Curious which antique mall had so many. Love the QOV string/rails one.

  12. Another fun week you have had :) really like the browns and burnt oranges, I keep saying scraps are the quiet achievers of the quilting realm :)

  13. great QOV quilts Kevin!
    your sew along turned out great too.
    Nice piecing work on your patchwork. A real make do moment.
    the only thing missing from this post is a chicken photo!

  14. I love the blocks for the QOV ! They are beautiful. ..
    Your madder top is gorgeous and i did the same like you : 2 different browns and pinks in 2 blocks ! Bah....we work with tiny pieces no ?
    Our tops will be unique like that !
    Gorgeous and very interesting antique quilts !
    I wish you a fun moment at Houston ! Maybe you will see Lori ?

  15. Always love what you show. By the way, many of the quilts we saw at the Shelburne had pieces that were "pieced" so you should not feel bad about your little blocks in Lori's SAL. Love what you did.
    Wish I could meet you in Houston!! I know you'll have a blast!
    I really need to do a Quilt of Valor and send it to you! I love the ones you do!!

  16. I had to do a bit of humble piecing in my Quilters madder as well! I love yours!
    The QOV quilts are amazing!! I'll look for you in Houston.

  17. The Madder quilt turned out beautifully! Enjoy your trip to the International Quilt Festival!

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