Friday, January 13, 2017

Fashionably late.........


Well, hello there!

Pardon me for being late...........

Truly, I didn't mean to be late to the party...........

You see, my job as a flight attendant tends to not let me do what I would like to do at times......

I have had the best intentions of getting my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt En Provence pieced.

However, flying, re-routes, appointments, weather, and other things beyond my control have prevented me from doing so.

So, I will show what progress I have made, and will have to accept being fashionably late and under dressed (top not complete) to the party.........

 Blocks in rows.
I always chain piece whenever possible.
So, here are all 16 blocks in their individual rows
stacked on top of each other.

I like piecing the "shortest seam" way, so I usually
break a quilt up into quadrants.
En Provence is easy to do in this manner since it is square.
I am in LOVE with that scrappy neutral border!

And, this is as far as I am folks.
The top left quadrant is pieced, and I am working on the right.
The predicted Ice-Pocolypse, AKA Winter Storm Jupiter,
 is happening this weekend in my area.
So, hopefully, this top will get pieced.
I have soup and cornbread made to eat.
I pray the electric stays on!

Linking up with Bonnie's
Mystery Monday Link Up, Parts 6 & 7

Tension issues?  Ya think?!?!?!
This is what happened when I tried to sew with 
a cone of thread with a stand.
I know I could fuss over the tension and get it right, but,
I think I will just stick to using my regular spools,
and fill bobbins from the cone.

So, now that En Provence should be a top by
the weekend, what's up next?
Several scrappy projects are in the works......

Bonnie Hunter's
This is going to be a wedding gift.
The quilt will be done barn raising style with a row 
of yellows/gold alternating with greens.
All neutral backgrounds.
Yellow is the groom's favorite color,
green is the bride's favorite color.
I love working from color schemes
 like this for wedding quilts.
It makes it so much easier
than trying to figure out a color scheme for a quilt!

Something else is on the horizon..........

Can you guess from this photo????


I am incubating eggs for the first time!
This is more or less an experiment in my flock's fertility.
I have a feeling I will get very few chicks from this.....
but, it sure has been fun so far.
I have candled the eggs and have seen more activity
than I originally anticipated!
You KNOW I will keep you up to date on this!


In other news.............

This beauty is courtesy of my quilting friend Kim.
She recently finished this gorgeous quilt done with
Daiwabo fabrics.
We had a sew day together, and she finished the binding.
Just scrumptious Kim!

I went antiquing one day recently and came across this.
It is a portion of a quilt framed on point.
I LOVE this idea.
WAY too expensive to purchase, but, if ever I find
a quilt that is shredded and I can afford it,
perhaps I can display part of it in this manner?

And lastly,
I bid farewell to my quilting buddy Bev last month.
She and her husband Tom have retired and moved to
South Texas.  They are so happy there, and I do plan to visit.
They both were more than generous clearing out their home
here, and offered me an abundance of items to
enhance the Quilt Cave.
I truly appreciate their friendship.
Best wishes in your new home Bev and Tom!

And.......just a few words of wisdom.........

This is so true......

I have heard from so many of you regarding the
Scrap Club I am hosting in O'Fallon, Missouri.
It is free, and is open to all quilters that would like to come.
Please e-mail me for more information.

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Until next time......
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Love Kim's quilt- it is a masterpiece of values and composition. I use the Superior Cone stand, I have two of them. They work terrific. From the top loop of the cone stand, I run the thread under a couple of empty bobbins on the spool pin and then thread as usual. Works every time whether on my Featherweight, 301, 401 or 15 treadle. You should get your treadle set up for weather events with no power.

  2. I LOVE your version of En Provence! Sensational! And, if you can figure out how to keep you day job from interfering with your quilting, please let me know how too! I am way closer to retirement than you, but I still ache to quilt most days when my seat hits that cold car seat and heads off to work. I hope you have a great snow/sew weekend with no power outages. I don't worry about power since I have so much hand work at the ready and my wrap around battery powered snake light. Love the chick apartment - best of luck with those little fuzzy things. Is there anything cuter than a baby chick?

  3. I'm late for the party too, Kevin, and I blame it on my day job too! I don''t think many people have finished tops yet (thank goodness!); it's not a race, after all.

  4. Wow, Kim's quilt is a beauty. Congrats on the BH mystery blocks....looking great. Hope the ice misses you.

  5. Love your patriotic mystery colors! That scrappy neutral border is gorgeous! You know I can't wait to see what hatches. I see all different breeds represented in there. I love Easter Eggers and barnyard mixes! It's getting eggciting!

  6. I like your color scheme better than the original mystery quilt colors that I'm seeing on all of the blogs.

    I can't wait to see what hatches!

  7. How fun, I'd love to have some chickens and fresh eggs! Your quilts are looking good! Day jobs do get in the way of our fun time.

  8. Your En Provence is looking GREAT!! That wedding quilt is going to be nice, too. I keep auditioning fabrics for the Scrappy Mountains quilt that I have to make. Just haven't narrowed down the choices.

  9. I love the way our En Provence colors turned out. You are making great progress. Tell Kim that she has a stunning quilt there. I love the subtle colors and the quilting too. I am so EGGCITED too that YOU are going to have baby chicks. I bet you will have a lot more than you told me earlier. I know you will miss your buddy Bev a lot, but Texas is not that far away and with your traveling bug, I know you will see her often. I will miss seeing her at a quilting function from time to time too. Keep warm this weekend.

  10. You may have been late, but you came in style--fashionably late, for sure! : )
    Love your patriotic color scheme.
    Oh, my grandpa was a chicken farmer and I spent many a day playing with the baby chicks. So fun! I hope you have more success than you currently anticipate.
    Kim's quilt is gorgeous, and I also love the framed vintage quilt piece. Great idea!!

  11. Have to say love those fawn background squares, they just look so zingy with the reds. Love your quote as well, sadly most people forget to turn the page or maybe its because they have forgotten how too ;) Enjoy the cold, soup and cornbread sounds rather nice, homemade burgers here, fingers crossed the storm thats rolling in doesnt take out the power ;)

  12. I like the fabrics you chose for Bonnie's mystery. Hope you gets lots of sewing time over the weekend. Lovely colors for the wedding quilt. Good luck with the chicks! Thank you for sharing Kim's quilt, beautiful. We were suppose to have some -40 to -50 degree weather but the clouds have moved in so it won't get that cold.

  13. En Provence looking good still to decide on fabric for mine! Scrappy mountains coming along well too, hopefully you will get plenty done whilst weather too bad for flying. Will look forward to seeing your chicks when they hatch what fun watching and waiting and then finally a crack will appear.

  14. Thanks for sharing how you are putting the mystery quilt together. I would like to avoid long seams also. So neat to see the eggs incubating too. I hope that there will be wonderful pictures of little chicks in the future!

  15. You are farther ahead with mystery quilt than I am. It has to be set aside for a while as I have a lot of stuff to do for our quilt show coming up in March. I am entering 6 quilts and while they are all finished, none of them have sleeves on them. I have figured out a way to put them on by machine, so I am hoping this will not take too long. Good luck with the baby chicks. I will be excited to see what hatches.

  16. Work sure does tend to get in the way of our quilt life, doesn't it? I guess that is why so many quilter's are retired LOL!!! LOVE your r/w/b version of En Provence!!! I knew I would, but seeing it coming together is just beautiful! I love the border for this one too - so simple but totally effective. Looking forward to seeing what hatches from your new egg experiment 🙀. And I know you are missing your friend Bev!!! I've lost several close friends that way in the past couple of years and it stinks. It's good for them, but it leaves such a hole in our lives. I'm glad she's happy and that you were able to gain a few of her household goods - you'll think of her with fondness everytime you use one of them.

  17. Your color palette worked out so well for En Provence. Sorry you didn't get time to stitch, but you've got the same weather we do this weekend. Thankfully you aren't flying this weekend. Good luck with your new chick hatching adventure. I'm looking forward to your next chapter on that one. Enjoy your stitching time.

  18. your going to be a chicken papa!!! I love it!! Your quadrants look great! Stay warm!

  19. May your power stay on all weekend and beyond. Those eggs are precious and we are hopeful... My head is spinning over all your sewing and blocks and quilt pieces. The framed quilt piece is perfect and a great idea to save those special old used and abused quilts. Be safe and warm dear...XO

  20. I did a Scrappy Mountain Majesty after i won the blocks at "block of the month" at my quilt guild

  21. Your growing mystery quilt looks fabulous... love it!
    But I am mostly excited for your new baby project!
    Hope you get some baby chicks for easter (or sooner!)

  22. I'm enjoying watching the progress on your mystery as our colors are similar. Also will stay tuned for any baby chick news.

  23. Wow your mystery turned out great - I love your colors and contrast - very effective! woo hoo
    baby chicks? I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM :)

  24. I've worried about you and the ice. It is all supposed to melt early this week, and I'll have nice temps/weather, when I drive thru on Friday. I have a insert that goes in cone threads, to help with the tension. I seldom use cones, but, sometimes you just have to.

  25. Fingers crossed for the babies chicken !
    Your mystery quilt is gorgeous as the quilt of Kim !! Congrats for both !

  26. Your mystery quilt is turning out great! I really like the color combination. It's been a while since I dropped by but you seem to be keeping plenty busy and your Quilt Cave looks like a great space to sew in.

  27. All beautiful, as always. I esp. love the En Provence. Sorry your quilting bud moved away, but great that you all will keep in touch. By the way, 'love the Cards shirt as I am also a fan. Hey, 1964 World Champions (the year I was born). Happy blessings to you.

  28. Wishing you an egg-cellent crop of new baby chicks! :) How exciting! I've not ventured into hatching them yet, but they are such fun to raise.
    And as for being late...well, some things are just worth waiting for and your version of Bonnie's quilt is going to be one of them! That border just makes the blocks pop. She's such a master at design.
    Looking forward to seeing the wedding quilt progress. So clever to use the couple's favorite's going to be wonderful. That's a great pattern.

  29. Lovely top! It is so nice that you make these beautiful mystery quilts each year and give them away. Well done!


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