Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Salutations from the Quilt Cave!

You all are just great!  You know that?

I have so enjoyed reading your replies to my most recent post.

Thanks so much for the insights behind using a cone and stand.

Also, I would like to thank you all for your concern during the recent ice storm......
About that.........well...........I didn't really receive anything where I live Thank God.
I know several others have been affected, and my prayers are with you during this time.

With that being said...........

I was able to finish the En Provence quilt top!
I loved being able to use up a lot of smaller
scraps of neutrals in that border.
I am pleased with the results and this will make
a United States Military Veteran a great 
Quilt of Valor!
Just a reminder, Bonnie will be retiring the
directions on how to make this quilt in February.
If you are interested in printing out the instructions and steps,
my advice to you is to do it now before you forget!

Click this link to find the clues.
Linking to Bonnie's
Mystery Monday Link Up Finale

I know so many of you are excited about my first experimentation with chicken egg incubation.........so...........I have to tell you, I am equally as excited, and I am pleased to share some news with you concerning that!

The second and final candling of the eggs has been done!
Although hard to see, there IS a baby chick in this tiny egg!
If everything goes as planned, I should get around 6 chicks from this
first experiment!
That may not sound like a lot of chicks to you, and frankly, it isn't.
But, it is more than enough for this first go around, and they will
be welcomed additions here at the Quilt Cave!
A little over a week, and my new arrivals will hopefully make their appearances!

And a slew of Civil War Reproduction strings!
What is this all about?
What could it be turning into?

Please join me for my
I host in O'Fallon, Missouri and find out!
The first meeting will be January 26.
A session starting at 1PM, and another at 5PM.
E-mail me for details!
I'd love to see you there!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Your EP is just fabulous!! Glad to hear you faired the horrid weather that is affecting so many. What a lovely pile of CW scraps, wish I was closer as I would love to join you all.

  2. Hooray for a fabulous finish on the BH mystery. I am 3/4's done with mine. Love your color choices

  3. You're going to be a grandfather! ... of sorts LOL!!! Congrats on the new baby chicks on the way - can't wait to see them. And thanks for another wonderful look at your En Provence - it just makes me happy :*)

  4. Wowzers!! Your QOV En Provence is a real beauty! It looks fabulous in the red/blue/yellow/neutrals. I love, love, love the border Bonnie did for this quilt! Hat's off to your grand finish!!

  5. It is wonderful to see En Provence in a different color way, great job.

  6. I visited the antique booth of another quilt blogger (the lady I got my purple Featherweight from) and almost purchased her several bags of quilt scraps. I really need to start using my own scraps before I buy someone elses scraps;) Think of all the cute baby chick's you'll soon have, then of all the yummy eggs you'll be eating after they grow up. YUM!

  7. Wow, great job on your En Provence! Someone will be very happy!

  8. That is without a doubt the most beautiful Quilt of Valor I have ever seen!! Absolutely amazing! I'm sure Bonnie will be proud too. Congratulations on becoming a father. I know how you will treat them so I can say that! Wish I lived closer so I could join your scrap club! Have fun!

  9. The LOVE you have stitched into this En Provence Quilt will HUG a Veteran and keep them very cozy. Super eggsciting about your little chickies to hatch. You are wonderful and

  10. I guess it has been said already but I will say it again, your En Provence is fabulous! And so very generous of you to give it to a deserving veteran. So exciting to have baby chicks on the way. Love that pile of scraps, wish I could join in the Scrap Club.

  11. Your En Provence is spectacular. This is the first Bonnie BOM that I have done and what a great experience it has been. I love that you did yours for Quilts of Valor. What a wonderful way to honor a vet. Wish I could join in with your scrap club but the commute is a tad to far (I'm in MA). I hope you do a little sharing on your blog. Happy quilting!

  12. Love your EP!!! Congrats on getting the top finished!! If you see Bonnie sometime soon, she would love to have that as part of her show and tell. Ohhhhh, chicks!!! I hope you are home and watching when they hatch...snap some pics for us and share in the arrival of your new babies!!! Glad the nasty weather missed you...lots of snow and rain in both of the places I live! I'll be learning to be a huge scrap quilter here soon as my stash is in Washington and I'm in Nevada with very little fabric. If I had known I wouldn't be going home every month, I would have bulked up my stash in NV from my stash in WA! Love your scrap pile!

  13. En Provence looks lovely and will be I am sure greatly appreciated by the lucky Veteran that receives it. Good to read you will soon have some chicks hope to see some photos of their arrival

  14. Your patriotic En Provence makes a stunning QOV!
    Congrats on the babies-to-be. Little chicks are so fun. My grandpa used to inject some kind of coloring into the eggs in the spring and we would have pastel colored balls of fluff for Easter. : )
    I just want to dive into the pile of scraps and start piecing.

  15. Oh my your En Provence is stunning, im still plugging away on mine. Oh how i wish i was closer (same country might help for a start lol) I would join your scrap club with bells on. Congrats on the new additions, cant wait to see pics. Keep smiling your an inspiration 😆

  16. Your top is fabulous Kevin !! Wow ! Congrats for this and for the babies chicken !! :))

  17. You overachiever you ;-) Your EP looks awesome!!!

  18. A beautiful quilt top - well done on your 'almost' finished quilt. Looking forward to seeing your new-born chick photo's. I did read your last 2 posts but didn't reply as I know you are so popular and replying to everyone takes up a lot of your time :)

  19. Woo hoo, congratulations on a great finish.

  20. Kevin, I love how your Mystery quilt came out. GREAT idea to use the patriotic colors so you can give the quilt away as part of the Quilts of Valor program. I find it so inspiring! And your chick experiment cracks me up! When you decide to give up your day job, you can become a chick harvester!!! ;-))

  21. I would love info about your ofallon class. Thanks, debbie hall
    E mail is debbie13david17@gmail.com

  22. You - civil war????what???
    yay for the chicks - exciting!
    you must be proud of your mystery top

  23. Your En Provence is beautiful. I think I like it better than Bonnie's original colors! How fun to hatch your own chicken's eggs. Can't wait to see the peeps when they finally emerge.

  24. The En Provence came out really nice. Wish I was nearby for the scrap club. Too bad we can't follow along afterwards on your blog. Really enjoy reading your posts.

  25. Congrats on finishing up En Provence. It does make a great QOV. Wish I lived in St. Louis again, but My Guy and Drama Teen probably wouldn't like that. Have fun with your first Scrap Club meeting. I hope you'll share a few sneak peaks.

  26. Just started following you a bit ago. You're En Provence quilt is just absolutely dazzling, and how cool that you will give it as a QOV. What made you decide to hatch chicks, if I might ask? I'm looking forward to seeing them! Wendy at piecefulthoughts@gmail.com

  27. Wow! There look to be a lot of pieces in En Provence, but it is just beautiful! It will make a great QOV. I hope all your chicks hatch. How many do you hope to end up with?

  28. Totally fabulous! And too big to fit on the wall! Wow that's a lot of quilty work (which isn't really "work"!)

  29. You are very generous to give this one away! Some QOV Veteran is going to be so Lucky! Love the CW strips. I might need a CW En Provence...lol. Probably not but it sounds good. Too many Quilts to make without duplicating one.

  30. Lovely top! It is so nice that you make these beautiful mystery quilts each year and give them away. Well done!

  31. Love it! My first time on a mystery quilt project and I really enjoyed it. Now i have so many quilts to do for other people, this one keeps falling to the bottom of the pile!

  32. You obviously had a lot of fun making this one, it turned out beautifully.

  33. Your mystery quilt is turning out great! I really like the color combination. It's been a while since I dropped by but you seem to be keeping plenty busy and your Quilt Cave looks like a great space to sew in.


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