Friday, November 17, 2017

So Much Fun, So Little Time

Ya know what quilters?

I have no idea how some people manage their time to do everything they do, AND blog????

My guess is that many are much more tech savvy than I, and can blog from their smart phone?


Well, you all know Uncle Kevin the Quilter is nothing if not technologically illiterate!
Nothing but an old outdated home desk top computer will do for me!  LOL


I have had an absolute blast the past month or so!

Come see!!!!!

When last I blogged......
I hadn't come down off of my high from Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter's final reveal!
Soon after that, I headed down to Houston for the International Quilt Festival.

 Here I am at the festival with my scrappy quilting friend Roxann.
It was so much fun spending time and talking quilts with her.

 Speaking of which, she had a quilt accepted into the
Juki "In Full Bloom" contest.
What a beautiful work she has created.
All of the motifs in her quilt are her original designs!

 Lori of Humble Quilts along with myself
were accepted as the royal guard of
Barb of Fun with Barb's quilt which hung in one of the
special exhibits at the festival.
What a beautiful work you have created here Barb!
Thanks for letting me ham it up with Lori!

And while we are on the subject of Lori.....
it was my sincere pleasure getting to know her better.
We had met last year in Houston, but, she was consumed with
working for the festival with no real spare time to speak of.
This year, we were able to talk quilts, vendors, and food!
Thanks for the info on "Phoenicia" and Turkish coffee!

Lori, the enabler!
How could I pass on this amazing Boston Terrier fabric????

I got to chat with Doug Leko, the designer of the
"Simple, Folded Corners" ruler which will be used
with this year's Quiltville mystery,

And it is always fun to visit with
Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
My friend Ann was working
the Butler System vendor booth
right across the aisle from VFW!

I was able to visit the
in LaPorte, TX while in Houston.
While there, I ran into this quilter
after my own heart!
We are wearing matching shirts!

I also met Tanya that works at this quilt shop
who also follows Bonnie and Lori.
It was so nice to meet you!

My friend Jamie of Sunflower Quilts
 is the creator of "The Original Thread Cutter."
Here she is in her booth with Ann and Jamie's mom.
What a hoot they are!

I am the proud owner of one of these babies now!
Thanks Jamie!
Wow!  What a great product for a chain piecer!
I highly recommend you order one of these gadgets
for you and your quilty friends this holiday season!

And here is my loot from the festival.
All too soon it ended.
But, what a nice time I had there.

Upon my return home, it was snuggling time with
Lilly Mae!

And boy did that thread cutter come in handy
after chain piecing these!
What are these???

The beginnings of
"Carolina Chain"
from Bonnie Hunter's book
"Addicted to Scraps."

Sophia Annabella definitely approves of this quilt design
by Bonnie Hunter!

You all know there were some QOV presentations
on behalf of QOV, Eastern Missouri to commemorate
Veteran's Day.
Jean, our fearless leader is pictured with the
QOV recipients and myself.
These presentations were made at the
Stitch'N'Time Quilt Guild in
Warrenton, Missouri.
(I will be posting more photos of this event in the future.)

And I recently had my very first workshop with
the Hearts'N'Hands Quilt Guild in O'Fallon, Illinois!
What a blast these quilters were!
(More photos coming soon of this fun day!)

I am looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving Dinner with my family here at the Quilt Cave.
Blogging time will be severely limited, but, just know, I am so THANKFUL for all of you that
continue to read my blog and share your quilting lives with me!  I count it an honor and blessing to 
call you all friends.

Until next time,
Keep on Quilting!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I'm sure Houston misses you now too! What fun you had. Maybe next year I will venture down there. Love you scrappy blocks! I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Reading your blog brings a smile to my face. Yah!!!

  3. What great adventures you have----Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  4. Always a treat to drop by and read of your quilty adventures! Looks like you had a wonderful time! You and Lori scared off anyone with nefarious intentions towards Barb's quilt, I'm sure. Just looking at the photo scared me! LOL
    Lilly Mae appears very content to have you home.
    Love the photo of the QOV presentation. Such a good thing you do!

  5. Love your recap! Was that a stranger in the photo with the same shirt as you?!
    So fun to hang out- I love the photo of us, the normal one. LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving. Do you cook too?

  6. Wow!! What self-control you displayed at Quilt Festival. I can see why you are proud of your students. Their class samples turned out GREAT!!!

  7. You must have had limited suitcase space to only get that much stuff from Festival!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  8. Fun post as usual Kevin !! I'm glad you spent lovely and fun moments at Houston ! I saw many and many pictures on the Web and ....sigh.... I hope one day I will go there ! ;)
    Congrats to your friend Roxann for her beautiful quilt !
    Love your scrappy top !
    I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family !

  9. Houston does require full attention when you are there, it is overwhelming! Looks like you had a ball. I don't have a smart phone either, LOL!!

  10. Oh Kevin, I love reading your posts. Your joy in quilting and life is refreshing and I love seeing posts of your sweet Bostons. My Sami The Wonder Dog is my 4th Boston and I think they are the best dogs ever born. Love your 'Bonnie' quilt.

  11. What fun! Nice to catch up on your busy, creatively crazy (the "good" crazy) life. I thought of you at Halloween because I found the perfect card for you. Maybe I'll send it anyway (if I can find your address...which has probably changed, so email me?). Love seeing the pups! And I LOVE that Holy Scrap t-shirt (where?)!

  12. wow what a fun time you had!congratulation on your first class! it looked like im taking your mystery quilt to the longarm quilter!!! can't wait to get it back. it turned out so beautiful. i did mine in your colors. enjoy your holidays. thank you for the beautiful quilt!!!

  13. I got to spend Sunday at Quilt Festival which, of course, is not enough time. At a certain point, your brain just hits overload. I enjoyed the Cherrywood Challenge Van Gogh exhibit. Observing so many intricate applique quilts makes one wonder how many total hours of work went into them.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Kevin, you are a doll!
    I love your blocks with Lilli Mae, she is a good pup and loves her dad
    Thank you so much for sharing your massively incredible adventures with all of your cool friends. I love the photos
    Have a happy Thanksgiving with friends and fam

  15. Once again another great post with lots of photo's and wonderful stories to read. The photo of you and Lilly Mae is so adorable - made me go awwww :) I've finally caught up with your past posts once again. I'd had a quick look-see when they first came in but now re-read them again what a busy life you lead! And like you, I too have a desk top pc - I prefer it to a laptop. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family next week - I see another photo opportunity for you with your family. Woof woof to Lilly Mae and Sophia Annabella :)

  16. My days seem to be on “Fast Forward” at all times. Your Houston trip was amazing and you connected with so many of your friends. Your acquisitions are wonderful and you will certainly put them all to good use. Happy Thanksgiving Dear...Quality time with Family and Frends...Priceless!

  17. What a fun post! so many good things going on there at the quilt cave.
    What a wonderful QOV event presentation.
    Looks like you had so much fun with Lori! do you go every year? I want to next year!!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your Family

  18. Total agreement on how some can make awesome quilts and blog in the same day. Amazing the ones who can blog with their smart phone. Thanks for sharing your trip to Houston. It is on my bucket list.

  19. Great to catch up with all your doin's. One of these days I'll get out to see you, Lilly Mae and the chickens. In the meantime, I will have to get my Kevin fix via your blog. Oh, and the workshop with you was fantastic. I was really surprised when you said it was your first!

  20. Wow! You fit more into your schedule than anyone else I know. Looks like the Houston Quilt Festival was a blast and a great chance to meet up with old friends and make a few new ones. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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