Sunday, November 26, 2017


So very much to be thankful for during this time of Thanksgiving........

 Wonderful family and friends.........

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

A loving mother that has taught
and continues to teach how to
carry on traditions......
like her deviled eggs.....

and her perfect mashed potatoes......

A sister that has a knack for making Momma's home made
yeast rolls.
Get that just right sis!

Having a home and some land where 
I can raise my own food.....
by the way,....
this home grown turkey
exceeded ALL expectations!

Just ask my friend Mike!  LOL

Being able to host in a house I love.

Sitting down and making more memories
when we weren't stuffing our faces!

Thankful for the little ones!
Past and present!
Sophia Annabella loves it when
Paw Paw sneaks her a piece of turkey!

And, it was this little booger's first Thanksgiving!
Paw Paw had the honors of feeding her, her first bite of
Thanksgiving Turkey.

Thankful for a father who shares his
talents with his family.
This beautiful cabinet is now displayed proudly in
the Quilt Cave!
My dad completely refinished my maternal
grandmother's treadle sewing machine cabinet
and did a masterful job!
(Machine still being refurbished.)

Dad did an amazing job on it.
And my mom is so proud of it too!
I can't thank my cousin Marcia enough
for allowing me to have this piece of
family history!

I wanted Dad to sign it to show the date
he refinished it.
While he did so, my mother shared a story of
this machine.
When Mom was around 15 years old, she worked
for a small restaurant washing dishes.
She saved the little money she made there and would
go buy fabric at a mercantile store in town.
My grandmother would compliment my mother
on what a good job she did saving money, and how
nice the fabric was, and in return would make my
mom a skirt or dress out of that fabric.
My mom says her first memories of sewing on
this machine was helping her mother make those
clothes on this machine.
PRICELESS memories for me to share with you all.

Thankful for a wonderful niece and nephew
that will hopefully come visit me
in the nursing home one day......
hopefully that day is FAR away......
The snowman ornament tradition with my nephew 
and niece continues on.
I get them one every year and date it for them.

And so many quilters are so thankful for
Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery
this time of year!
I am no exception!

Linking up with Quiltville's

Since I just completed "Sapphire Stars,"
I opted to play with a different color scheme
for Bonnie's mystery this year, rather than
my usual go to patriotic color scheme I usually
make with her mystery quilts.

Aqua and Coral remain the same, 
but, for
Brown, I am substituting Grey
and for
Neutral, I am substituting Navy.

Going through the strings for 

More strings to go through......

My Accuquilt Studio makes quick work of these
strip sets.......

Coming along............

A sampling of the 9 patches made
in no time.....

Thankful for so much.....
including you all!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Kevin I always love seeing pictures of your family. And your Thanksgiving this year didn't disappoint. But where was the apple struedel??
    Such a great story about your mom and her mom's sewing for her. Treasured story and piece of furniture.
    We do have so much to be thankful for!
    ps: you didn't eat one of your OWN turkeys, did you???

  2. Kevin dear you and your family are wonderful and I enjoy seeing you all together. Happy Thanksgiving it was and now on to Merry Christmas. Your treadle sewing machine is not only an heirloom, it is Priceless with its family history! Blessings to all...<3

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! what a beautiful memory your momma has of that machine! and such a treasure for you and your family - I am so glad you all got to get together!! Hugs!!!!

  4. Congrats! on your wonderful Thanksgiving present!! Interesting modifications to Bonnie's colors for the On Ringo Lake Mystery. I'll be looking forward to seeing how this turns out. For now, I absolutely LOVE it!!

  5. I LOVE the story of the treadle and to have your dad refining it is so cool! I love how close your family seems to be. I was really missing my mom this year- probably why dinner was so lousy! LOL
    Thankful for our friendship, Kevin.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love the glimpse of your traditions, from the deviled eggs to the snowman ornaments. And your dad did a lovely job refinishing that priceless machine.

  7. Love your little nine patches. I can't wait to see how the "navy" neutral works out. I'm participating for the first time in Bonnie's mystery! I can't wait for the next clue! Thank you for sharing what you do on your blog. It is always inspiring.

  8. Interesting how a home-grown turkey can taste so different from a store-bought turkey!! Love your Thanksgiving pictures! So very glad you have a home you love, people you love and animals you love to keep you busy between quilting and flying!!

  9. So many blessings, family and friends, and furkids!! Happy Holidays!!

  10. It is great to see your pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I like your color choices for Ringo Lake. I would have not thought of using navy in place of "neutral" and think it will be great. Thank you for that inspiration.

  11. Kevin, I am so thankful I found your blog this year. You are so inspiring. I love your family too. This family shot brings back a lot of good memories. God Bless all of you

  12. That looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm so glad you had a great time!

  13. I like your color choices--I'm interested to see a dark in the place of the neutral.

  14. Kevin, I enjoy your blog so much. You are one of three bloggers I read religiously the other two are Jo Kramer and Bonnie Hunter. I used to read many blogs but too much of my time was spent reading rather than sewing so I chose my favorites and you are one of those. I just read your Thanksgiving post. Your mother’s story of her grandmother’s sewing machine is too precious to lose. Please write this story up or print your Thanksgiving blog and keep it in one of the drawers of the sewing cabinet for the next owner to be able to know the history of your machine.

  15. Lovely posting Kevin. Thank you.

  16. Navy instead of neutral. Cool! I can't wait to see it finished.
    Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving next year?

  17. So grateful for YOU!!! And I am thrilled over the moon about your treadle. So much fun! And that Lily Mae...oh goodness!!

  18. Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!! So glad you had your family & friends at your house. The refinished cabinet is amazing - so awesome that you had your Dad sign it. Like your color changes for the mystery quilt - I'll be watching.

  19. Looks like a fun, food-filled Thanksgiving. Oooh, I really like your color palette for Bonnie's mystery. Happy stitching this weekend.

  20. What a wonderful Thanksgiving event! I love your Singer cabinet and how special that not only is it a family heirloom that your Grandma sewed on, but it was refinished by your Dad. Now you have to get treadling my friend!

  21. Your father did a wonderful job on the treadle base. Singer 66?? I think you told me???

  22. My Grandmother's treadle machine has come into my possession over Thanksgiving. I never thought about refinishing it until I saw what your Dad did. Yours looks so beautiful.

  23. I stopped over from Janet O.'s blog to see your Christmas Tree pattern, her rendition fondly named Uncle Kevin's Tree Farm and found a fun post from last year and then moved forward to today's post!! What a delightful blog you have created and a new addition to my favorite blogs!! Love the sewing machine cabinet your Dad refinished and your Mom's story that accompanies it!! I look forward to sharing your life journey!!