Monday, December 18, 2017

On Ringo Lake Parts 3 & 4


Ummmm.......that's all I can say!

What a flurry of activities have taken place here at the Quilt Cave as of late!
I wish there were a snow flurry or two to go along with the activities!
I want snow for Christmas......sorry, but, I do! That's the only time I want it though? LOL

So let me catch you all up to speed......

My name is Kevin the Quilter,
threw me for a loop!

I cut 120 of the coral units incorrectly.
I take complete ownership of this mistake.......

.....this HAPPY little mistake!

was a breeze and saw a lot of 
odds and ends of aqua and grey used up!

Linking up with 

There was some trimming up of Part 2 on my commute
to work.
YES!  You CAN bring small scissors on the plane with you!
I am not doing anything here that the general travelling public
can't do.
Click HERE to see what can and can't be brought on the plane.

TA DAH!!!!!
The Cave Quilters completed "Snake Charming!"
As you can tell in this photo we are overjoyed!

It has been such a pleasure working with these
quilters on a project I wouldn't have tackled on my own!
Each quilter has brought their own special flair 
to our gatherings and to this project.

We even twirled seams courtesy of Cherie!

"Snake Charming"
This is a STRIKING Quilt of Valor!
Cherie of Quilted Jonquil

I look forward to our next joint venture!

The Troy, Missouri quilt group I belong to
gathered at the Quilt Cave for our
Christmas party.
Here we are playing a game.

We also did a gift exchange of our favorite notion
that costs $5 or less.
This was so much fun and a lot was learned!
I received a plethora of storage bags and pipe cleaners!
My contribution was a small brass stiletto that I can't piece without.

My blogging friend P of 
shared these goodies with me in the mail.
Thanks so much P!
I am thinking of you and your family!

While browsing an antique mall I came across this album.
Look closely, the cover is a patchwork quilt!
Interested P? LOLOL

And I received another surprise in the mail!
This is from my blogging friend Susan of
Thanks so much Susan! You are such a good 
daughter to be helping your dad right now in his time
of need!

I took my mom and dad Christmas shopping....
I witnessed the following conversation.....
Mom:  You DON'T buy PASTRIES there!!!!!!
Dad: ????????
Priceless moments with the parents!

Lilly Mae got to meet Santa for the very first time.
I can completely hear her saying:
"I have been a really good girl, Santa.......
just don't ask anyone else....."

And, I recently was in negotiations with these representatives
from Feed the Hungry......
The girls DON'T get table food, but, that doesn't
keep them from wanting to smell everything I eat!

I know we are all very busy with Christmas and the holidays.
I want you all to know how much I consider each of you
a gift to me.
Thanks for being a friend!
Enjoy the season!

Until next time,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I'm sorry about your mystery mishap, but I'm happy that you turned the frown upside down! I just hope you had a doggie treat in your pocket to give those (non begging) angels! I know they weren't begging. They were just willing to taste test your food in case there might be something wrong with it. Such loyal girls! I'm happy to see you can work on your way to work. I too was happy that I could sew bindings on all the way home from my son's house in Florida. They never questioned my scissors, but they didn't like my husband's belt buckle. Life is funny! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. What a great post. Love the newest QOV! What a stunner.
    Your parents crack me up! Hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Love the snake design and it is a wonderful QOV. What a fun group to sew and party with. I'd send you some of our snow, but it would be a puddle by the time it got to you. You are a special gift to us, too.

  4. Congrats on finishing off Snake Charming, it turned out beautifully. Hope you have lots of stitching time over the holiday. Safe travels!

  5. Oh, I love the pointed star made from the mishap. Great progress on the mystery, keep rolling, re, stitching.

  6. Kevin just got an email for your info Nova Montgomery will be teaching a featherweight class sometime in the spring in O’Fallon. Didn’t know if u knew or are familiar with her . She is original out of Huntsville TX. Anyways she said her class was about half full.

  7. Your cutting error actually turned into a good thing! That snake quilt is really fantastic!!! You have way too much fun with your friends.

  8. No fun when you cut your pieces wrong (I've done it a few times). I'll be flying with my scissors and needles in Feb.

  9. Sorry about the mishap, glad you were able to turn it into lemonade! I love your color choice.

  10. Hope you have a great Christmas, Kevin!

  11. What a fun, fun post, Kevin!! And your Quilt of Valor is absolutely gorgeous!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  12. Another name for that beautiful QoV quilt would be "Curvaceous"...I love it!! Speaking of QoV...since we are celebrating Christmas with all 3 of my girls and grandbabies, we'll be celebrating on the Sunday after Christmas and the local QoV will be presenting my dad with a quilt - a total surprise for everyone but me! I promised to make them a to share how you made Snake Charming so I can make that for them??!! Merry Christmas, my friend!!

  13. Snake Charming is absolutely gorgeous. Some veteran is going to LOVE it! Merry Christmas to you, Kevin, and to your entire crew whether it be airline, quilting, and/or family & friends & critters!

  14. So sorry to hear about your mistake but it turned beautifully with this star ! Hooray !
    Your friends are very talented and I love a lot the snake quilt ! I keep this idea in my head ! ;)
    Merry Christmas to you and all your family Kevin ! Enjoy !

  15. Kevin, I am so glad to have you for a friend. You are so inspiring.
    I want to make a quilt like the one in photos 6 and 8, snake charming? That would be so pretty in various arrangements.

    I love the photo with Lilly Mae and Santa. She has been a good girl. I have a two and a half year old grand daughter now. She is wild, defiant and silly. She is a good girl though.
    Princess, my new kitten, is also a good girl. She chews on some things, but I know she is just happy and totally out of control. We are trying. My oldest kitty Miles is 8 and he is always good but like all of us, we stumble through change in life.
    I hope you have a superb Christmas with your family.
    Your mom and dad are so nice to see at the mall. I love them
    My mom went to heaven last year in October and the feeling of loss never goes away. They flipped you back on your raft many times when you were a kiddo, and now they are our greatest treasures. I still have my daddy and he is 94.
    Love loads, Kevin

  16. Merry Christmas, Kevin! Thanks for keeping us all smiling in the quilty world all year long! :)

  17. Since I am not doing Bonnie's mystery, I don't even know what was a mistake. :)
    LOVE Snake Charming! That is a wonderful joint effort!
    Have a great Christmas, Kevin!!

  18. Love those orange stars and can't wait to see your version of the Bonnie mystery. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  19. You have so much fun in everything you do!! I love it!! we are getting snow today - think it will head your way for Christmas? Fingers Crossed for you!!

  20. Part three was like the never ending unit for me, even though I finished early! You could appliqué your mistakes on the backing...they sure make pretty stars.

  21. I love your Ringo colors. I was doing well with keeping up, but clue 3 seems to be quicksand :o
    I bought these scissors on Amazon years ago, specifically for flying. They are so awesome, I use them all the time.
    Clauss 18420 3" Titanium Fine Cut Scissors

    Merry Christmas!!

  22. Such a cute photo of your parents!
    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
    PS We have lots of snow... shall I send you some?!? LOL

  23. That Ozark Mountain Daredevils album - I will have you know my roommate in college HAD that album and we played the heck out of it! As I recall, it has "Chicken Train" and "If You Wanna Get to Heaven" on it, which were favorites, obviously, as that's all I remember at the moment. I wasn't that into quilting then, but now I would love to have that album--BUT I think Norm actually might have it already. I'm going to have to go check now!

    So glad you got the little squishy. I should have sent along more fabric, but my mind has been otherwise occupied and distracted these past couple of months, as you know. Thank you for thinking of me and the fam. We're doing okay, all things considered.

  24. Traipsing down memory lane now...had to listen to one of those songs, LOL. In case you do too, here ya go! Yee haw!

  25. Happy New Year, Kevin! You have accomplished so much this past year - and it was quite a year of change. I hope 2018 is good for you! Sandy at