Monday, December 4, 2017

On Ringo Lake Part 2

Seasons Greetings Friends!

Are you all bustling about with holiday decorating, entertaining, and plans?

Or are you remaining low key, and taking it easy this time of year?

Ole' Uncle Kevin the Quilter lumps all of his vacations together so he can do a little of
both of the aforementioned during this juncture.

"Carolina Chain"
Bonnie Hunter's design from her book
"Addicted to Scraps."
I was pleasantly surprised how quickly this
quilt top pieced together, and even more pleased
with the results.
This is headed to my quilting friend Kim so
I can get it ready for my parent's Christmas gift this year.
(Don't worry, mom and dad don't even own a computer
to where they can see this! LOL)

Here is my Sis in her element.
This is her classroom.
She is incredibly talented, and knew she wanted to
teach music from a very young age.
I made a pilgrimage to my hometown
for a special reason and got to visit her
in between her classes.

Why was I at her school??????

My friend Mike and I were asked to talk about
what it is like to be a flight attendant to
my nephew's middle school class!
We visited in an unofficial capacity.
There were police officers, game wardens, performing artists, 
and even hog farmers visiting with these students
about potential career choices.
What a fun day it was........they certainly didn't
have these type of events when I was of middle school age.
I can't commend these students enough on how
respectful and well behaved they were.

Some decorating for Christmas has occurred.

And, of course,
Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery
was released!

I am so pleased that these fabrics are getting to see
the light of day and

A surprising variety of Coral - Melon geese!

Navy is plentiful around these parts!

I am LOVING this!

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Here's hoping your holidays are Merry and Bright!
More holiday hubbub and relaxation are in my future!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I love your navy background! It looks amazing with the coral. :D

  2. Carolina Chain is a perfect scrap creation!
    Love seeing the Christmas decor in your home. There are the Nativities on the hearth, but where is your big, beautiful tree?
    I'm drooling your coral/navy combination. Sorry about the mess.
    So do you take the whole month of December off, or what? :)

  3. Love your Carolina Chain! Beautiful color choices. I'm still in the cutting out stage as it is my next leaders and enders project. I am so loving your colors for Ringo Lake. Gorgeous!

  4. I made the Carolina Chain - yours is just delightful! What a great gift for your parents. I don't remember having career days at any stage during my school years. How fun for you and the kids.

  5. So, navy is the new neutral? Carolina Chain is a great scrap buster. Yours is so bright and colorful!

  6. Great quilt! Glad you took the time to visit the school kids- they need to know what people do and how they can join their ranks!

  7. Hey Kevin, love the colors in that new top! What a great gift for your parents! Happy holidays! cheers!

  8. Your Carolina Chain is beautiful--that is a fun pattern to make.

  9. Are you the decorator? Very nice! I could use a few pointers.
    I love making quilts as gifts.
    The colors you are using for the mystery are wonderful!
    How fun to share your 'love" of the skies with students. USed to be all stewardesses- hardly any men. Enjoy your time off.

  10. Love your carolina chains. I have my blocks done and bagged up. Guess it's time to assemble them. Not enough quilting time lol.

  11. Carolina Chain, Career Day, and coral geese? You've been BUSY, my friend!!

  12. Your Christmas Quilt looks so great right there!!! I love it!!!

  13. What a thoughtful uncle! Love the big smile on your nephew's face. Your Ringo Lake colors are wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your well-deserved vacation!

  14. Your Carolina Chain looks great and one that I could get into. Love all the bright colors. What a fun day you had at your nephew's classroom. They are very fortunate to have many different professional come talk to them. You know I really like your colors for the mystery quilt too.

  15. Oooh. So interesting. I can't wait to see what else you do with On Ringo Lake.

  16. Love those 2 colors together! I bought an orange/Navy fabric for the border to my Cheddar bow-ties (still making)

  17. Your home is so elegant and homey at the same time...totally welcoming! You are piecing like your Carolina Chain and your On Ringo Lake is going to be gorgeous! I may need to try to make the On Ringo Lake with what little fabric I have here. I'm sure Lilly Mae and the chickens/ducks/turkeys all appreciate you being home!

  18. Enjoy your time off - your projects are looking great and your home is looking festive!

  19. Your Carolina Chain is beautiful and I really love the colors you used to make it !!
    Your Christmas decoration is very nice... I don't know how to make mine because I have 2 cats and...hum.... I'm pretty sure you know what I want to say !! ah ah !
    Enjoy your time off !
    Big hugs !!

  20. Wow. Just everything = WOWIE.
    So glad you could make it home and a visit with your sister's class. Kids need to know there is a world out here, things to do, Lots of things and I know both of you were inspiring.
    Enjoy the December roller coaster ride.

  21. Really love your Carolina Chain! I intend to make one soon myself. Nice color choices on the flying geese too. I always change some of the colors to suit myself and my stash. I've always wanted a pink and brown quilt, so I'm finally going to get one. It seems like there are a lot more people linking up with the mystery quilt this year.

  22. Oh your parents are going to be so happy when they open that beauty! What a great thing it is to share your job experiences with students. I hope you showed them some of your quilts too. We need more professional quilters! Have fun with On Ringo Lake part 2!

  23. What a fantastic gift, your Carolina Chain is a winner. Have fun this season!

  24. I am loving your color choices! So much fun!! :)

  25. The quilt for your parents is amazing! I love the scrappiness of it!
    Can't wait to see what step #3 brings us!

  26. Love love love your fabric choices for the mystery, who would've thought to use navy as the neutral. Its going to be stunning. Carolina chain is on my list to make your parents are very lucky to have you as their son. Enjoy the holidays if you get any and big hugs to your beautiful family ❤

  27. The Parent’s quilt is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see it quilted. Loving your bold colors for the mystery quilt!

  28. The navy really sets off the melon color. I like! I still haven't jumpen in to Bonnie's mystery this year. I have strips from my Scrap Saver system pulled, though, so maybe today....

    Last night was our guild's December meeting and Christmas party. I showed off the Sorta Kinda Amish quilt made in your workshop last month. It got a very positive response. I would like to have you for this workshop next year. Maybe in conjunction with the auction in May? We'll be in touch.

  29. Kevin, your hearth wall is SO PRETTY!!!! The windows flanking the fireplace with their perfect curtains, and then the festive decor - it's incredibly homey and gorgeous.

  30. Your Carolina Chain is gorgeous!! Your fabrics for Bonnie's mystery quilt look very vibrant. Happy Holiday Season.

  31. Awesome color combination! Love those window treatments!