Sunday, December 14, 2014

Giving QOV's and Clue #3..............

Blessed Christmas greetings everyone!

I have to tell you all how proud, honored, and humbled I am to give our Quilts of Valor we created from the block drive to deserving Veterans.  The Perky Piecer's Quilt Guild in Troy, Missouri asked if I would come to honor some awesome Veterans and present some Quilts of Valor from the block drive.  If you recall, this guild really helped get a lot of these tops done.  Some of their members volunteered to quilt and bind them, and my friend Joanie offered to sew the labels on.  Once again, all Quilts of Valor presented from the block drive is in affiliation with Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.

This Viet Nam Veteran was moved beyond words after receiving his Quilt of Valor.
But, he and his wife were most appreciative.
Kim did the beautiful quilting!  Thanks Kim!

This Viet Nam Veteran was surprised by his daughter.  He thought he was going to look at antique fire trucks!  I have to add that this Veteran came to me after the presentations and broke down.  He was so thankful to have received this Quilt of Valor as a thank you.  He was actually spit on when he returned from Viet Nam.
Pat did the beautiful quilting on this one!  Thanks Pat!

This gentleman is a double Purple Heart recipient  and WWII Veteran,... and quite the character!  He was very moved when he spoke after the presentations and couldn't wait to use his Quilt of Valor!
Pat did the beautiful quilting on this one as well!

This Viet Nam Veteran told me he was shy, and didn't want to be in front of anyone for too long.  His smile tells me he likes his Quilt of Valor though!  This is my friend Joanie's husband.  When we were going through all of the blocks to make them into quilts, these blocks were placed to the side because they weren't included in the drawing.  It definitely wasn't that I didn't like them, they just didn't follow the instructions to be entered into the drawing, but, I certainly appreciated receiving them.  I can't remember who made them.....but, here they are made into a beautiful quilt of Valor along with some of the blocks from the drive.  I think it turned out really great too!  
My friend Bev pieced and quilted it beautifully!

It was a really great presentation, and we all had a really nice time.  My parents were able to join me for this one because I brought them to my home to do some Christmas shopping during the week when it isn't as busy in the mall and stores.  After the presentations were over, I was asked to come to the front once again, and the guild as a whole gave me this.........

Kitty Litter?????????  

How thoughtful?????


I was told to look inside it!!!!!!!

This truly was so thoughtful of Perky Piecers!  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
I just may have to join this guild!

Bonnie Hunter shared with us Clue #3 on Friday for her "Grand Illusion" mystery quilt.  This clue is one that allowed me to use a variety of scraps as well as my AccuQuilt Studio!!!!  I am beyond pleased with this investment!  I am getting great cuts, and it IS true what they say........Better cuts, make better quilts!  I have been right on the money with my measurements thus far!  HALLELUJAH!  

Let's take a look at clue #3, shall we?

I am substituting Silver/Grey for Bonnie's Green.  Neutral is still neutral
You all know, I LOVE highlights and low lights, and I like for there to be a little sparkle in there!

I used the AccuQuilt Studio to cut my strip units as well, just like Bonnie does sometimes!

This was a lot faster than if I had cut with a rotary cutter.
I love seeing all of the variety of fabrics!

And here is a sampling of my completed Clue #3 units.
Once again, I am using Navy for Bonnie's Black.
It is a little hard to see in this photo, but, the navy shows up nicely against the grey in person.

Linking up with Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link Up Part 3!

2,320 pieces used thus far!!!!!!


Only 10 more shopping days until Christmas!!!!!!
My momma sure does love to shop!

Glad Christmas Tidings to all!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!!!!!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. How wonderful to present these quilts. Wonderful photos. Kitty litter - HAH - love it. Oh, I could see a whole quilt of those patches - love the mix.

  2. I can only imagine the pride you feel when giving these quilts!! And I'm proud of you, too!!! ----and talk about scrap heaven?? I'm my, the fun you'll have petting them all.

  3. It's so nice to see these veterans smile with their quilts. Love the kitty litter gift packaging, what a fun idea.

    I like your choice of grey/silver in those blocks. You made lots of progress. All of that and took your Mom shopping too. When do you sleep?

  4. So great to see those veterans' happy faces. Good job, Kevin. Your mystery quilt blocks look great. I have to admit, as easy as this clue supposedly was, I struggled to get the proper seam. My first attempts were iffy and I had to fiddle with my quarter inch seam to get it right, I only finished 36 so far. I think my cutting was okay, however the die cutter sure looks tempting. It's obvious how it can speed up the process not to mention increasing accuracy.

  5. Awesome work, Kevin. The quilts are fantastic and I love your colors for the mystery quilt. Keep up the great work!

  6. It is easy to see how precious these quilts are to these men, you have done a wonderful job with Quilt of Valor Kevin!! Love your new your colors are awesome for Grand Illusion!

  7. Ooooooh!!!! I *Knew* I hadn't thrown out those kitty litter bins yet for a reason - seriously, I was just yesterday trying to figure out what to use to store my growing small-scraps collection. It's a distinctive treat to get to attend QOV bestowals and experience first-hand the depth of gratitude felt by the veterans, isn't it?

  8. What a great blessing all those service people are receiving. To some they are just blankets and to others they are a beautiful quilts that are mementos of a significant part of their lives.
    Love the colors you are using for the mystery.

  9. Thank you for sharing the QOV pics...very touching! Good job on your clue three! Looking good!

  10. Lucky YOU with the scraps, Kevin! Everyone knows you will turn them into something(s) beautiful. Very touching QOV pics and descriptions. LOVE your color scheme for the mystery quilt. It is fun to watch your pieces come together.

  11. Thank you for honoring those veterans. They deserve so much more honor and recognition than most of them receive. I like your color choices for the Grand Illusion, too! (I've been using my Go! cutter a lot, too.)

  12. Those veteran quilts are absolutely beautiful! Wow, what a lot of scraps there are. I really ought to practice my machine piecing too...

  13. I love pictures of happy veterans!

  14. Hey Kevin, those QofV Quilts are wonderful. It is always for gratifying to witness these quilted hugs. Love the hand off of those scraps in the KL pail. You will make quick work of them with your new "toy" cutting machine. I love those greys with the neurtals and navy blue, going to be another stunning QofV. And thanks for keeping track of the count.

  15. Love, love your two by fours Kevin, fantastic colors. The Quilts for Valor are so bright and beautiful, I know they will all be appreciated. And oh love your tub of kitty litter, a scrap quilters dream.

  16. The valor quilts are terrific. I'm loving your fabrics in clue 3 too!

  17. Love your units, just perfect.great progress too....Your Mother looks so sweet! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree..

    Debra in Ma.

  18. Looking good! Cannot wait to see this patriotic quilt take shape! Love the QOV show too! :)

  19. Love the Vet stories! Good for you Kevin!
    OOhhh...and yet another gentle reminder to dig out that Accuquilt GO that I absolutely HAD to have a billion years ago. I have an entire drawer of dies and have only ever used the rag quilt one! MUST MUST MUST get that out!
    Jan in Roch, NY

  20. Great job on the quilts Kevin! Fantastic stories.
    Tell me, did you use the Accuquilt Studio to cut the pieced strip sets? Really interested to hear about this.

  21. Those quilts looked great and the veterans' smiles were even brighter. You always do such a nice job with the presentations. Tell the ladies they did a good job on the quilting too.

    I really like the colors that you substituted in Grand Illusion. Can't wait to see what the next clue will be.

  22. I'm loving seeing the pictures of the presentations!! The quilt with the stars is gorgeous!!! You are cranking out Bonnie's new mystery - love your colors!!! You really don't have to remind me that Christmas is so close - YIKES!!!

  23. I love your great QOV stories. Thanks for sharing and putting meaning to QOV! My momma loves to shop too. They would have lots of fun together. My DH says it's in the genes, but I have been extremely good this year. I think Santa may need to research this accu-quilt system. I love your Grand Illusion colors and can't wait to see your finish. Merry Christmas!

  24. Such a moving tribute Kevin! I am always so glad to see QOV being given to our veterans! I used to work in rehab with Vietnam vets and knew some who were spit on and reviled too. It boggles my mind that anyone could do that.
    Love how clue three is coming along for you! That kitty litter surprise really cracked me up.

  25. You are such a great guy Kevin! The quilts are all gorgeous! I choked up when you said that the man cried when he got his, how awesome is that! Your Grand Illusion colors are awesome! I am not only doing Grand Illusion, I started another Celtic Solstice....YIKES!

  26. Best kitty-litter I've ever seen!

    Your mystery blocks are looking good.

  27. Is that really your mom? Adorable!

  28. What a moving and satisfying experience to see the reaction of the returned servicemen and women as they received their QOV. Especially those who served in Vietnam. So nice for them to feel that their sacrifice was appreciated.
    I do like the colour combination in your Bonnie Hunter quilt. Navy and grey do look very nice together with the odd mustard sprinkled in there.Looking good.