Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's the holiday season..........."Grand Illusion" clue #2........

It's the holiday season........

Do you know how I can tell?????

I attended my sister's annual Madrigal Dinner!

My sister with my niece and nephew.
And, yes, in case you are wondering,  I did make my sister's and niece's costumes.

My sister is a very talented choral director.  I really admire her for all she does for her students.  She allows them to have a little different perspective during the Christmas season by having her high school students present a Madrigal Dinner, complete with costumes, acting and singing.  This is a really cool event to attend, and it is super awesome since my niece is in high school and participates in it.  My sister even lets my nephew get in on the act........and trust me.......he has some mad dancing moves........even to Renaissance music! LOL  You had to have been there!!!!!

My apologies for the blurry's hard to get good photos in such a large dark area!!!!!!

 My niece performed as a maiden by the name of "Gossages."
Here she is being scrutinized by the court jester as the Royal Court looks on.

I wish you could hear the beautiful music that was performed!

These students worked so hard, and it really paid off, because now......

I have found my Christmas Spirit this year!
My great room all decked out for Christmas!

The office tree is even up!!!!!!

 My handsome boy Valentino loves sitting under the office tree.
I have to admit, he is a REALLY good cat.....I  have never seen him bat at ornaments
or climb up in the tree.........EVER!  Santa usually rewards him well for being such a good boy!

 Sophia Annabella is in her Christmas bow......for this photo only!
Gracie Lu is such a good model!  LOL

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season thus far?  I couldn't seem to get in the Christmas spirit this time last year?????


The second clue for Bonnie Hunter's "Grand Illusion" mystery came out on Friday..........

Linking up with Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link Up Part 2!


This was a fun block to make and I LOVE the variety I am going to get in these blocks!

I cannot begin to tell you how much Bonnie's SCRAP USER'S SYSTEM helps!
I am a firm believer in it, and if you haven't thought about organizing your scraps,

I was able to cut these rectangles out lickety split for this part of the unit from 2.5" strips that were already cut!

Here is a sampling of the reds I am going to use for this clue's unit.

Truth be told.......this was such a busy, jam packed weekend for me, all I have done is the one test block!  But, I do have all of the pieces cut and marked.  My parents are visiting me, and I am going to take them Christmas shopping this week, so I will just have to work on Clue #2 as I have time this week.  I will definitely have them finished by Friday when clue #3 comes out!

How are you coming along on Bonnie's Mystery?
If you aren't doing the mystery, what are you working on?
Thanks for all of the encouragement! 
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I think you missed a spot on that tree - oh, my, this is just lovely and all your models are adorable. No mystery for me as I plod on with the OMG.

  2. For a minute I thought oh no he decorated the great room went to a Madrigal dinner and......made all of clue 2 blocks. But just one. Thank heavens. I just finished decorating my home for Christmas. Did I put together even one block? Nope. ☺

  3. Love your great room!!! And your office!! And your sweet Sophia Annabella and handsome Valentino! I wanna move into your Christmas!!!

  4. You definitely ARE in the Christmas spirit Kevin!!! Lvoe the pics of your pets :) My Gypsy loves to sleep under the tree, but she has never bothered it. My daughter had a cat that always climbed up the inside to the top of her tree. Somehow it never fell over.

    Those costumes are amazing! Why am I not surprised that you are such a talented stitcher in other things besides quilt blocks? I would have loved to have attended the Madrigal event. I see that talent runs in your family :) It looks like so much fun! I love dress up and going to plays.

  5. Okay now you are just showing off. Beauty pageant judge, dressmaker, interior designer, animal wrangler, and quilt maker? What don't you do? Seriously, it all looks wonderful. Have fun shopping with your folks!

  6. I love that all your pets are in the Christmas spirit too. Valentino reminds me so much of my sweet Lucky. It brought a tear to my eye, but I quickly smiled when I saw your beautiful trees. Have fun shopping this week. Your folks picked the right week to come here for shopping -- no rain. YAY!!!

  7. I agree Bonnie's scrap method is wonderful. I love the red in your blocks, it will be lovely. Gorgeous costumes, I would love to have been in the audience.

  8. Wow, fantastic costumes! You are even more talented than I suspected, and I had a pretty high opinion already!! I'm glad you've found the Christmas spirit. I haven't decorated yet, but I had a lovely party yesterday for my female friends so I'm headed in the right direction.

  9. I love Madrigal programs. :D A dinner would be super fun to go to. GREAT costume work there, Kevin.

  10. Hi, Kevin, love your blocks. Mine are red white and blue, too, but I'm afraid I don't have as much variety. Great job.

  11. Your trees are just beautiful! And so are your furry friends. I'm having to skip a tree again this year. My cats are not as well behaved as yours and insist on eating the tree and throwing it back up. I'm trying to come up with alternative decorating ideas. Good luck on the mystery!

  12. Gorgeous costumes! A madrigal dinner sounds like so much fun. Your cat and dogs are adorable. I'm working on the mystery quilt...although I have not cut nearly as much as you have. I think I have about 20 blocks done. I'm sticking with the original color scheme, but mine will have a New Orleans feel.

  13. Fantastic costumes! Beautiful decorations. I'm sure your mystery blocks will be done in no time!

  14. Wow...great job on the costumes! I've retired from garment sewing. LOL Your trees are beautiful too!! I'm about even with you on step 2...have all my fabrics cut and ready to go. Just need to find some time to sew 'em up!!

  15. Seriously you have the decorating down! Way to go with clue two too!

  16. What an inspiration to read your blog. Your tree is fabulous. I am all decorated as well. Did it before the first clue came out so there is nothing to do except what I want. Feels great. Step two is ready to sew the two halves into the completed unit so should be totally finished tonight. Look forward to your future posts.

  17. Holiday decorating is spectacular..and your pets are adorable! Love your colors for the MQ. Just wondered which method you're using: 1, 2, or 3?

  18. Gorgeous trees!! The girls are looking mighty spiffy in their bows. The costumes are beautiful! My husband and I do Renaissance Faires & I've made much of our garb. Aren't the double diamond units great? I did Method #3 too, so I could have those bonus HSTs. I have a way to go to get this clue finished but I should be ready by Friday too. Sew On!!

  19. Oh how Fun, great costumes! .. Loving your Trees, so pretty....and Valentino! oh my Gosh..kisses & hugs to him please.
    Debra in Ma.

  20. Look at you go!! Your family is so amazing! I love that they put you in the spirit!!

  21. Do you make decorating house calls? Your home looks very festive. We're celebrating graduation with a Madrigal dinner this weekend. They're always fun. BTW, I could use a lovely dress too. :) Thank you for being totally honest about your clue #2 progress! I am still at just the half-square triangles for clue #1 completed. I have a very LONG-OVERDUE commitment to finish first. Blocks were stitched up and put together into a flimsy on Monday! ;)

  22. Both trees are gorgeous. Ours is up, lights are on, but Drama Teen hasn't got the ornaments up yet. Your Red/White/Blue/Gold version of Grand Illusion is going to turn out nicely. I'm behind on my piecing, but I'm enjoying the process anyway.

  23. Your trees look beautiful!! But not as beautiful as those pups! :D

  24. Glad to see you have got the Christmas spirit rocking over there. Love the fact that you made the dresses for your sister and niece and that you are up to speed on Clue # 2.

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