Sunday, January 27, 2019

"Goodnight, Darlene!" Debut............

Greetings and Salutations Quilters!

I have some very exciting news to share with you all!

"Goodnight, Darlene!"
Original Pattern and design by
your's truly.
Custom quilted by
Debuted at

I am very pleased to share with you my very first
pattern that I have produced!
"Goodnight, Darlene!"
If you like using up your strings in
2 contrasting colors, this is the pattern for you!
I was excited to be able to share this pattern
with some quilters at The Quilted Fox
 for my very first
workshop with this particular quilt.

And if there is any interest, I would 
potentially be open to selling this pattern?
I would like to see if there is
any interest, before I went into
a larger amount of copies.

Before, I go ANY further.........
I MUST give credit, where MUCH credit is due!
This is my quilting friend, Jan of The Colorful Fabriholic.
Without her guidance, expertise, and 
knowledge of the pattern writing process,
this pattern couldn't have been written.
Jan, I know I have said it before, but,
I am so happy to have you as a friend!
Thanks for leading me, and supporting me
in this endeavor!

We had so much fun playing in our strings with this

Quilters, with machines humming.
Sewing strings up into beautiful things!

This group of quilters were so wonderful to 
work with.  Each of them understanding
this was the first time out of the gate
working with this pattern.
I so appreciated their patience
and forgiveness for minor hiccups.

Each of the quilters were working with
a different color palette.
It was a joy experiencing them create!

Each of them mastering the various units
needed to complete this design.

Did I tell you how much FUN  this was????

What a great day we had!
I want to thank each and every one of them!
From the bottom of my heart!

In other news......
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
met for the first time this year.

Our Spring 2019 Session revolves
around getting our scraps and stash

We are also making a project inspired by
Trees.  Each project must include a tree,
either pieced or appliqued within it.


Look at this beautiful quilt made by Barb!
She won the Scrap Block lotto for the month of

She beyond surprised me by telling me, she made
this quilt for me!
What a beautiful and cherished quilt this is for me!

Thanks so much Barb for your friendship!
I have a surprise in a near future post
concerning something else Barb did!

Sophia Annabella with your daily dose of cute!
She just got out of the bath here, and was
drying off.

And, I got a trim..........for work............what do you think?
I loved my beard before, honestly!
I know, I know........SMILE! LOL

I hope to meet you at these 

February 9, 2019
St. Louis Star Quilt Guild
Sorta, Kinda, Amish Workshop
Salem Lutheran Church
Affton, MO  63125

March 16, 2019
Quincy Quilt Guild
Lecture/Trunk show
String Star Workshop
Vermont Street United Methodist Church
818 Vermont Street
Quincy, IL  62301

March 20, 2019
Calico Needlers
Spencer Road Branch Library
427 Spencer Road
St. Peters, MO  63376

Thanks for all of your support!
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter



  1. Love the quilt! If I made it I would have to continue the points of the big square out to its points because of who I am loving conclusions. Love the border and all the strings. With the trim, you look less rough around the edges and ready for the air! The workshop looked great fun.

  2. I definitely WANT the Goodnight, Darlene pattern!!! Sorry, Kevin... the trimmed beard needs to be EVEN shorter! :P
    And about Barb's quilt... Luck YOU!!

  3. I also love the Goodnight Darlene quilt. You should publish it.
    I am with The Joyful Quilter on the beard..,sorry! Shorter would be even better, and clean up your look. Your look is good!

  4. So beautiful!! I bet everyone had a great time! LOVE the gift quilt too!!

  5. A resounding success! I had no doubts!
    I like the after beard.
    Little sophia is so cute!

  6. Love the quilt you were gifted with...amazing!!! I'm with Linda, Linda, Lori and Joyful...sorry you liked your "mountain man" look!! Why not offer "Goodnight, Darlene" as a pdf so you don't have to deal with the printing and mailing...that can really jack up the price of a pattern!! Sophia is adorable all wrapped up!!

  7. How great, your first 'professional' pattern! Selling it in PDF form is a great idea. I love the quilt Barb made for you, beautiful! Happy stitching!

  8. I would be first in line to buy a pattern---but a PDF would be cheaper for you I think. I love it

  9. I'd love that pattern! You can bring some to sell in May at both guilds.

  10. The shorter version of your beard is better (could be shorter) it takes 10 years off your face. Love the pattern, PDF is the way to go-----hate waiting in the mail for something that I want "now".

  11. How exciting! I'm sure you are thrilled with your new pattern. It looks like a fun one. Congratulations!

  12. Are you kidding? Of course I would buy a pattern if you decide to mass produce. I like to support my fellow quilters! I love everything about this quilt including the name! Just let us all know if you want to "pre-sell" to help with printing costs. I will be first in line! You are killing me with all that Sophia Annabella cuteness! And as for the trim - well, I like the Mountain Man look, but I suppose if it got any longer it might get caught in the beverage cart - wink!

  13. I'm with the others and think a pdf pattern would be great (pdf should also stand for pretty darn fun). Anyhoo, as for the trim, I like the mountain man look. I think either would look fantastic if you were smiling, Kevin :-) you're usually smiling - haha! Looks like your retreat was fun and a good time was had by all.

  14. I like the Goodnight Darlene pattern. I also like the trimmed beard better :-)

  15. Thank YOU, Kevin! "Goodnight, Darleen!" is a terrific pattern. I had so much fun in class, so much so that I went on to make some more blocks at home.
    The quilt you were gifted is lovely. Lucky you to have such a thoughtful friend!
    I prefer the shorter beard - just my two cents, but I like a short groomed beard a la Sean Connery.

  16. Kevin, sign me up for one of your patterns, no luck in sight for a couple years to go east on I think it would be totally awesome to take one of your the meantime I look forward to your blog posts.

  17. I wandered in here after seeing Goodnight Darlene at The Colorful Fabriholic. Yes, offer a PDF! This looks like such a fun make.

  18. Yabba Dabba Doo! Your first pro pattern! Woo Hoo! Yes, I am definitely interested in purchasing and a pdf is a great format. Sophia is a cutie pa too tee and your beard - you look good no matter what. Your heart shines through. Bless You and the babies.

  19. Love the quilt, hope to see a pdf pattern real soon !! You have started off the year with a great quilt !!

  20. What a great day you had at your first class of GND. Everyone looked like they were having a fun time. I
    love your cute little girl all wrapped up in her pink spa towel. Just too cute for words. On your beard, I think whatever you feel best wearing would be the way to go. When you are smiling, both look good on you!

  21. It is a great quilt, Kevin! I love the look, but I just don't get along with strings. Sorry. I started a string quilt about a decade ago, and I have thought about pulling it out for Lori's String-Along, but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to do it.
    Barb's gift to you is gorgeous, and so thoughtful! Your big heart inspires others to share!
    Sophia Annabella looks adorable with the fringe around her face, and you look adorable with your trimmed facial fringe! LOL

  22. Kevin, this quilt is sensational. Of course i adore DP blocks so much. and the corners are incredible artistry, Well done. I love all of your friends and conspirators -- honestly, this is what makes life glorious and I adore following your blog.
    You are an inspiration to me on so many levels.
    Your beard trim looks fine. Yes, you have to look neat and trimmy for the passengers. Even with a uniform on, you have to look like a leader, You do that well

    You are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. I am grateful for you and them

  23. Who's Darlene?? How'd you come up with the name? VBG.. I always find that so challenging.
    CONGRATS on producing your pattern and having such a successful outing with that group!! They look very happy.
    And boy did you win with that blue/white quilt! LOVE it!!

  24. Congrats!! Goodnight, Darlene is beautiful! Well done!

  25. Love the quilt Kevin and yes I would buy a PDF copy! I have been having computer issues and haven’t been able to comment but I loved the Halloween colored quilt you finished and the Christmas photos! My father in law lives in Canton, Mo and you are going to be in Quincy, IL! That’s only a stones throw away! I hope you get to do more quilt workshops and less flying! That would be like getting paid to have fun!

  26. Congrats on your first published pattern. Hope all the workshops are going well and that the flying hasn't been to horrendous with all the winter storms this month. Happy stitching, safe travels.

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