Monday, January 14, 2019

Snow Day, Sew Day...........

Hey Scrappy Quilters!

We all KNOW that a snow day, is a SEW DAY!  


Come along with me on a pictorial adventure during the recent 
snowstorm in my neck of the woods!

The Quiltville Mystery is a completed top
thanks to the weather this past weekend.

I love the Halloween-esque colors I went with.
If you can't see this as a Halloween looking quilt
I am not sure what to tell you?
Frankenstein greens and pumpkin oranges,
combined with the night colors of purple and black.
Yep......pretty much Halloween looking to me?

I thought this was kind of a cool shot
in the snow?

Thanks to Bonnie's concise instructions on the construction
of this quilt, it sewed up beautifully.
Her seam guide ruler truly is my best friend!

Linking up with 

How much snow did I get here.......

Well, it was 11 inches at this point......
all in all I got 13 inches!
I'm getting every last cent out of that quilt ruler!

It kept snowing............

and snowing...........

and snowing........
until the cedar trees were so weighed down
with snow, you couldn't even see
the Quilt Cave!
I truly haven't seen this much snow in this area
in many, MANY years!

You want me to do WHAT out there in the snow?!?!?!?

Ummmm........we DON'T think so!


So, what else do you do on a snow day
besides sew?????

Make snow cream!
This was the perfect snow to do this with!
Just add sugar to taste, vanilla, and some evaporated milk
and stir!

Put together a quilt puzzle.
Isn't this a cool one?

Watch the neighbor children up the road build
a 10 foot 9 inch snow man!


be very thankful to a nice 
neighbor that owns a tractor!
I would have never been able to get out had my
neighbor Mike not plowed my drive for me!

Did you know that turkeys don't 
mind the snow that much?
Of course I don't let them stay out in it for very long.

The chickens?  Well, they would rather stay in the coop
on a snow day!

Tell me, what do YOU do on a snow day?

I hope to meet you at these


Cancelled due to weather
In the process of re-scheduling
Friends In Stitches, Waterloo, Illinois
"String Star" Workshop

January 26, 2019
"Goodnight, Darlene!" Workshop

February 9, 2019
St. Louis Star Quilt Guild
Salem Lutheran Church, Affton, Missouri
"Sorta, Kinda Amish" Workshop

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Love the colors in the quilt. Snow cream do you have a recipe? Looks like you got a lot done and enjoyed giant frosty.

  2. Your mystery quilt is awesome! I love the Halloween colors. I am still making units for mine.
    What a snow! We got 16 inches - lots of fun for the grandkids, not so fun for my husband with cows and baby calves!

  3. Well, Buffalo, NY got no snow, so no extended sewing. I just love your completed quilt and I don't like Halloween quilts. Glad you took it all in stride! Great photos!

  4. Wow, your Good Fortune is beautiful. Love those colors.

  5. Love your color choices on Good Fortune. It’s awesome!

  6. If the snow is deeper than Gracie Poo, I don't blame them for not wanting to go outside. They should have quilted capes and booties. LOVE your spooky Good Fortune. Those blacks really make the greens and oranges pop. LOL on getting your money's worth on that ruler. Ducks don't mind the snow either. My chickens won't even try to step in the snow...big babies. Glad your neighbor dug you out. He needs a tractor quilt or something. Happy snow day. Owen will be putting his pajamas on backwards and flushing ice down the toilet in hopes of a snow day tomorrow.

  7. Such a different look from other mystery quilts I have seen. We didn't get this snow storm, but we are in Artic Freeze with single digits - brrrr.

  8. This is a great post. Your Mystery quilt is a beauty. Hard for me to understand but you have way more snow than we do here in Ontario, Canada. But it has been cold here so we too are well into the winter activities including inside!!

  9. Your mystery quilt turned out beautiful! I love that color scheme. We have absolutely no snow on the ground. Ice coming tonight though.

  10. I can see the Halloween in your quilt. Love the colors. Maybe I'll try to do one also. I have some purple with black bats in the same shade you have in your quilt.

  11. That is such a pretty version of Bonnie's quilt! Halloween or not, I love the deep, rich colors!
    You really got dumped on! You have a couple of smart doggies!
    I have never heard of making snow cream like that.
    What a great puzzle!! Love doing puzzles.
    We have a wonderful neighbor with a big plow that digs us out after heavy storms. I know how deep that gratitude runs!
    You have just proven my point that chickens are smarter than turkeys. :)

  12. What do I do on a snow day? Be the chicken, not the turkey. Just stay in my coop and sew! Looks like you had a grand time while the snow was blowing and drifting! January is a great month for puzzles too! We have almost zero snow here, which is very unusual. Everything is brown; it either needs white snow or green with spring florals!

  13. Love your version of Good Fortune! Oh, your snow makes me hope the storms they are predicting for us this week give us this much - the mountains are expecting up to 6'!! Of course, that means I have to shovel the back patio and part of the grass for my little girl so she can potty without disappearing...she doesn't appreciate the snow at all!!

  14. Wow - love your colors! Great job of the finish - congratulations!
    I love seeing your snow - seeing it though, not being in it. Too cold for these old bones. ;-)

  15. 17 inches here in Mid-Missouri! Our guild had a retreat planned, but decided to reschedule. Sure glad we did. Love your colors in Good Fortune.

  16. I've been cleaning out my scraps pile!! We had an ice storm, housebound without power, but we have a generator so I can still sew.

  17. love your quilt, i read the comment on facebook and said the same,you can't get any more holloween then those colors. i bet it's beautiful close up too, with all the cool fabrics. your snow pictures remind me why i came back home to was fun while i was younger living in wyoming, but i'm glad i'm back home and not having to deal with that.

  18. I love your version of "Good Fortune". Perfect colors for any time of the year!! So happy that you enjoyed some happy snowsewing! If I were to describe a "perfect day", it would be, me sitting in my happy chair with my hand applique watching Charlie Chan or Roy Rogers and glancing out the window at the gently falling snow. Oh, forgot to mention - with a plate of chocolate cake of course!

  19. We only had about 5 inches of snow in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago, but I got some nice fluffy snow off the deck railing for snow ice cream! I just used regular milk, no canned milk in the house! Takes me back to great childhood memories!
    Love your Good Fortune quilt with the dark neutrals! I haven't started mine yet, but orange and black will be featured to rally my Oklahoma State Cowboys!
    Happy quilting - May be more snow this coming weekend - highs in the low 20's so I'll be staying inside!

  20. WOW! that's a LOT of snow! I LOVE your mystery quilt and the photo in the snow is perfect!
    Be safe!

  21. Great job! I love all those bright colours in your quilt. make the most of your snow days and stay inside sewing.

  22. Your "Halloween" color quilt is stunning. Yes, it looked nice in the snow, Kevin.
    Is 11-13 inches of snow the usual for your area of the country? (feeling dumb and lazy) I live right on the east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, over the hill in Northern Virginia, 40 miles west of the cesspool that just got smellier. We got 12 inches of snow this week-end. The usual problem for us is a firm forecast because the weather gets funny when it goes over the mountains and then the ocean likes to join the party, so what could have been 4" turns into a foot or more. Of course everyone here in the DC area is a horrible driver and they just go berserk - so annoying.
    I love that you stuck your ruler in the snow.
    I love your chickens, they are so so so adorable. Do you provide them with some heat?
    Turkeys are tough, yeah, look at them strutting around.
    This snowman is epic. Yay, you got some good kids around you and also sweet neighbors.
    Our neighbor up the street came with his new toy (mid range snow blower) and cleared our driveway and sidewalks. That was so very nice of him. I need to make them something tasty and some wine too and a table runner.
    Well, I could turn this into a novel on your blog, so I will end here. Your blog brings me joy. Hubbs just had icky eye surgery today but he is going to get better soon. I hope to get some cleaning done tomorrow and sewing, I love sewing. I wish I had more time but my 95 year old daddy needs me.
    Have a superb rest of the week with a little bit of sunshine too

  23. Your quilt looks like a garden, filled with poppies and forget me nots. But Halloween is fun too! PS When it snows, of course I sw, plus I like to bake bread and oatmeal cookies, make soup or chili. Mo the pug enjoys the snow so out we go, me wielding an old ski pole so I don't fall.

    lizzy at gone tot he beach....

  24. Love your good fortune quilt, i will swap you your snow for our 48c or 118f. It was so hot it hurt to breathe.

  25. We only got about 4 inches. More snow coming here this weekend. I'm hoping the class I'm teaching doesn't get cancelled by snow.

  26. Love your Halloween inspired mystery! So colorful!

  27. Your quilt is so beautiful! You've done a lovely job. Wonderful work! I do admire you. I like your blog very much and I will certainly read your posts more often. Your posts are very inspiring!
    Regards, ctnbee

  28. The snow looks about right for me too. It was Sunday afternoon before my driveway was plowed (which is about 1/8th of a mile) only to find the county hadn't touched our back roads. It kept snowing and snowing here too. The snow provided a great back drop for my 3 newly finished quilts, I'd never done that before. Your red quilt looks beautiful in the snow. Hope they aren't calling for more nasty weather where you are, they are for us this weekend. Denise-For the love of geese

  29. Awesome quilt Kevin! I love it. It's gorgeous...and bold.

  30. I would like you to share the snow with us ;-) What a beautiful landscape! and your quilt! oh my - your quilt! your color sense is truly awesome!! I love it!! Enjoy!

  31. Love your version of Good Fortune. It doesn't scream Halloween even with those colors. So that's good, it's not just for one season. We have family in St. Louis, their facebook pictures were pretty spectacular. Hope you were able to get around. Were you affected by the fire at the airport last weekend?

  32. Oh my gracious! You did end up with a lot of snow~! Is it still there?
    I love your mystery quilt although I may be one that doesn't "see" Halloween. Its beautiful!
    I hope all your pets weathered the storm okay.

  33. Snow days are perfect for quilting and puzzling!
    Great job on the Halloween Good Fortune! I'm still making blocks parts and wondering how many I should make!
    Stay warm!

  34. Your Good Fortune is gorgeous! All of that snow was a great time to sew and quilt. 'Kinda glad we rarely get much snow here in Alabama.

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