Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Year.......New Beginnings..........

Happy 2019 Quilters!!!!!

I have hit the ground running, as they say!
2019 is a year full of quiltiness.
I will be teaching, lecturing, and sharing my life
more than I ever have with all of you!  It will be a make it or break it year for me.
I will hopefully be able to answer several questions for my future as to whether I can pursue this passion in my life called quilting, and make do with less flying.

New Year's Day sewing......and eating!
Gotta have them black-eyed peas on the first day
of the new year!
Now, if the other 364 days could be just like this
with good food, and good sewing!

Clue 7 for Bonnie Hunter's
Quiltville Mystery
was completed on New Year's Day!

I was then off to Rockford, Illinois
to share with the

It was a very nice drive.....and I kept on seeing
In the air, and on bridges!!!!

I had 2 trunkshows/lectures with this guild, one during
the day, and one at night.
I think that is so nice that they offer 2
different meetings for those who work
and can't make it to the day time session.

Huffman's Hotties made an appearance!
These gals were a hoot!
My most sincere apologies to the Hotties
during the evening trunk pic!!!!

I was greeted by this sweet quilter, Sue who blogs at
We have chatted back and forth via emails, 
and it was so nice to finally meet her!
Thanks for coming and supporting me Sue!
The t-shirt I am wearing was a gift from
my sister for Christmas!
"I turn thread and fabric into quilts.....
what's your superpower?"

And, this is Susan, who also came to see me.
I love meeting those of you who enjoy reading the ole'blog!
It was a pleasure meeting you!

Susan gifted me these awesome chicken fabrics!
And look at that awesome Rooster quilt hanger!
Thank you so much for everything Susan!

In between lectures I was able to chat with one of the 
many talented quilters that belong to this group.
This is Robin Gausebeck who I had the pleasure of meeting.
I knew who she was immediately when I saw her.
Her miniature work is amazing.
Please go see her work
"In Flanders Fields" is truly a 
moving piece of art!
Thanks for the chat Robin!

Some of the quilters from the guild and I 
had dinner at
Who knew Rockford, Illinois was so
Swedish inspired???

We had an amazing dinner, and wonderful conversation!
Thanks for the memories quilters!

I wanted authentic Swedish food since I have never had
any to my knowledge?
I ordered the Kroppkakor.
I absolutely loved the cardamon roll and
lingonberry coffee!

And look whose portrait was on the wall
staring at me???
Doesn't this look like a little
Lori of
I know, I are Danish,
not Swedish! LOLOLOL

And who knew Sock Monkeys were created in
Rockford, Illinois???
Well, they were......
look HERE!

They were almost everywhere you turned!

The next day it was time to
Quilting time!
I LOVE this shirt my sister
got me for Christmas!
She did really good this year! LOLOL

We had to rise and shine for a "String Star" workshop
held at the Swedish American Hospital in Rockford.

We had a nice work area where machines were
humming, and strings were flying.

Truth be told, these quilters were very
experienced, and didn't need much help from me.
But, we all had a lot of fun!

Marge was my contact for this guild, and 
here she is very pleased with her first
string pieced diamond.

Crisp neutral diamond sections waiting to be pressed.

We were visited by Dee who brought in some fun
antique quilts to examine.
Look at this.....I love it.....crumb/string piecing
made into columns.

This quilt was amazing!
Each block has 100 triangles in it.....
do you see the quarter to gauge the size?
I suggested it be a Leader/Ender project for Bonnie Hunter! 
Thanks for sharing your quilts Dee!

Before long, stars were coming together!

Talking design decisions with quilters is so much fun!

Teacher's pets!  First ones done with their stars!
Great job quilters!!!!

We had a very successful class!
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Rockford!
Thanks to the
Sinnissippi Quilters for their hospitality!

While I was travelling, the final reveal
of "Good Fortune" came out!
I couldn't wait to start assembling my
Halloween version!

And this is how far I have gotten.
I have a feeling I may be snowed in this weekend....
this should occupy my time nicely?
Linking with 
Make sure to visit all of the wonderful
versions of this quilt being made
all over the world!

And here are some chicken pics for those of
you who can't get enough.....

My friend Linda surprised me with
some beautiful chicken tea towels!
Thanks so much Linda!


true......very, very true!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Oh my gracious! You always have a great time! Quilters are so generous and fun. Love your string star quilts!!
    I was born in a Swedish hospital! Too funny! Did you like the food? Cardamom is a favorite of mine- in almost anything!
    Love your mystery quilt and I hope you get plenty of time to sew it all together.

  2. Wow, you have it bad if you see flying geese everywhere. Lots of great photos. Your version of the Mystery positively sparkles with colors! Thanks for sharing your quilting teaching adventure!

  3. You are too much, Kevin!!! I almost always laugh through your blog posts and this one was no exception. Glad you had a terrific time in Rockford. Cracked up at reference to Lori and then she was your first response. So tell us -- did you like the food? Your Good Fortune quilt is looking spectacular. I'm a member of the Hearts 'n' Hands quilt guild so my weather is your weather -- yup, going to be a great quilting weekend! ❤ Tell your sister she did great on the shirts and I really yucked it up over the chicken placard and not questioning their motives. Hahahahaha!!!!

  4. Well look at you... traveling and teaching!! Fantastic. Looks like everyone had a great time.
    Are you planning/hoping to fly less and teach more?? That'd be great!
    Can't wait until our paths cross and we can meet IRL, at long last...
    Fly into SJC, would ya??

  5. What a great time you had with the quilters in Rockford - the joy shines through your post! Love that chicken sign about questioning motives - hilarious!!

  6. Love the shirts and all things chicken. A little less time flying and more time teaching I think would be a good thing for you. Can tell it's cold in your parts now - those whiskers are a lot longer!

  7. You are such a hoot, Kevin! I chuckle all the way through your posts. I had to grin when you mentioned the Stockholm Inn. I was born in Stockholm . . . South Dakota. Hahaha! A Scandinavian community, mostly Swedish and Norwegian (they weren't too sure about the Danes, as the older people used to say). Those t-shirts are really fun, and your quilting group looked like it was a good time had by all! Lingonberry coffee? That's new to me!

  8. Looks like it was a fantastic workshop. And your sister has great taste in t-shirts.

  9. I hope the lectures and workshops come through for you and you are able to do less flying. Have a good stitching weekend!

  10. Sounds like you had a great time! I sent another email to the program committee, I don't know what they are doing, but I hope they will listen to me and get you here!

  11. What a busy first week of the year you had!! Looks like you had a ton of fun, too. LOVE that bridge and your Verizon of Bonnie's Good Fortune Mystery!!

  12. What a blast!! How long did it take you to not mispronounce the quilting group's name? I keep wanting to say Sissanippi!! Looks like you had a blast at the class. Hmmm, you only mentioned the cardamon roll and lingonberry coffee...what else was set in front of you??? Eating ethnic foods we are unfamiliar with is always a unique experience! Love all the gifts you were showered with...I guess you are collecting chickens and pugs, right?

  13. Hey was my pleasure to be there and share in the experience. You are a blessing here on Earth. Sincerely hope the quilting venues continue to work for you. We quilters need someone like you. Blessings to you and your family.

  14. wow that's wonderful, praying it works out for you and you will do good.if you are in my neck of the woods i would love to take a class.i don't belong to any quilt group, so can't help there. good luck. love your quilt too.mine is Bonnie color way, i know it's a safe bet i will love it, and i do. look forward to hearing more from your neck of the woods.

  15. I have the Superpower t-shirt in hot pink and a purple one that says "Quilting is only an addiction if you are trying to quit". Your classes always look like so much fun.

  16. Love the pics ,Kevin! Great post!

  17. I always enjoy your posts. You look like you are enjoying life to the max. Love the tees that your sister got for you! She has fantastic taste! =) Oh, and I had black eyed peas over corn bread for New Years too. The hubs not so much. I had to make him pork and sauerkraut. =)

  18. Happy new year to you, too! I hope everything you have planned for 2019 works out. Looks like you had a great time in Rockford, and I love your Good Fortune quilt, too. And the t-shirts!

  19. You can get Swedish meatballs and ligonberry jelly at IKEA for lunch (and buy some to bring home). Glad your teaching year has started off sew well. I have a different version of your 1st shirt. Your sis did well. PS: I put bites of link sausage in my black eyed peas this year. YUM!

  20. Look at you go!! LOVE all the great experiences you have and Make it this year man!! I know you can do it - you are one of the BEST speakers I have heard!! and enjoy all your quilting! heres to a snowed in weekend!

  21. My you have been busy! Thanks for sharing all the great photos. I think maybe my birth certificate is wrong because I must surely have been born in the sock monkey capital of the world! That last picture cracked me up! Free range chickens unite!

  22. Having a blast as usual kevin! I hope our paths cross in 2019
    Great Chicken Booty - woo hoo!

  23. I am crazy about your blog and viewing all of the fun you have. Every one looks so happy. I think I would be very motivated to be in your class.
    Thank you Kevin for sharing all of your fun and adorable towels from your dear friend
    Happy Week-end

  24. Wow, you got off to a busy start to 2019! Hope all your plans come together this year.

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